Did Eric Die In 'Invisible City'? Invisible City Season 2 Ending Explained

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The Netflix series "Invisible City" highlights the destructive consequences of human greed and exploitation. n a dream, Eric's wife Gabriela tells him his journey is not over and he has a greater purpose. We must discover what that higher purp

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    The Netflix series "Invisible City" highlights the destructive consequences of human greed and exploitation. It encourages viewers to recognize the pressing environmental issues we face and act quickly to mitigate them. In the first season, Eric is taken into the woods and injured by the Curupiro. Ines uses her powers to ask the water to heal him, and after that, his whereabouts are unknown. In a dream, Eric's wife Gabriela tells him his journey is not over and he has a greater purpose. We must discover what that higher purpose is.

    #1. What happened with Eric in ‘Invisible City’?

    Did Eric Die In Invisible City

    Source: Variety 

    The new season brings back members of the previous cast, such as the characters Eric, by Marco Pigossi, and Cuca, by Alessandra Negrini. There are also novelties like Mule Sem Cabeça (Simone Spoladore) and Matinta Pereira (Leticia Spiller).

    The series also focused on increasing indigenous representation, including director Graciela Guarani and actress Zahy Tentehar. In addition to Graciela, the series by creator and executive producer Carlos Saldanha has Cassiano Prado and Luciana Baptista in the direction, and Luis Carone in general direction. As the synopsis highlights, the season follows Eric (Marco Pigossi) in a natural sanctuary protected by indigenous people and sought after by miners, near Belém. He discovers that his daughter, Luna (Manu Dieguez), and Cuca (Alessandra Negrini) were living in the region to bring him back to life. Despite wanting to return to Rio de Janeiro with Luna, Eric realizes that she has a mission to fulfill there. But in trying to protect her, he becomes a threat to the balance between nature and entities.

    At the end of the first season, it is discovered that Luna, possessed by Corpo Seco, is behind the deaths of Gabriela (Julia Konrad), Saci (Wesley Guimarães) and Boto (Victor Sparapane). So, the father sacrifices himself for the daughter and offers his soul to the entity. Afterwards, in a confrontation with Iberê (Fábio Lago), the Curupira, he makes a new sacrifice, allowing himself to be killed in order to kill Corpo Seco.

    #2. ‘Invisible City’ Season 2: Ending Explained: Is Eric Dead?

    Did Eric Die In Invisible City

    Source: Netflix

    In the fifth episode of "Invisible City," Season 2, humans penetrated Marangatu and started doing what they were best at, exploiting the natural resources. Marangatu was a sacred place for the indigenous people, and up until then, they had been able to maintain the delicate balance and allow the ecosystem to thrive without any disturbance. Ines was taking Luna to Marangatu to fulfill her destiny and return the guardian entity that had been given to her by her mother, Gabriela, to its real owner, Debora. Eric was trying to locate her daughter, but he had become a menace to everyone's safety and had ceased to be the savior that he thought himself to be. Eric encountered Bento and Lazo on his way and asked them the direction in which Ines and Luna had gone.

    Lazo refused to tell him anything, but he used his powers to make Bento tell him that they were headed toward Marangatu. Eric was in no mood to listen and took Lazo's power, and Ines got to know through her psychic powers that Eric had become uncontrollable and that she needed to stop him and buy some time for Luna. Ines told Luna that it was about time they parted ways as she would have to go back to stop Eric. Ines told Luna that she had the utmost faith in her abilities and that she had been ready for the challenge for quite some time. Eric saw in his hallucinatory visions that Jaciara had realized that there was nobody to protect their sacred land after the death of Honoratu, the snake, and that Matinta was wearing the guardian entity that Luna's mother had once given her.
    Eric also saw that Gabriela had come to Marangatu sometime in the past and met Honoratu, who told her that it belonged to his sister, Maria Caninan, i.e., Debora. Jaciara told Gabriela to keep the amulet and give it back to Debora when the time came. Gabriela didn't understand how she could return the amulet when she didn't even know where Debora was or what she looked like, but in time, she would understand everything and the amulet would find a way back to its rightful owner.

    Did Eric Die In Invisible City

    Source: MEAWW

    Gabriela had given the amulet to Luna, and the little one had become a pivotal part of this mystery. Ines had vouched for Eric, and she was ready to sacrifice her powers to bring him back on track. Eric begged Jaciara to let him out of his own head, and he told her that all his life, he had done nothing but protect the environment. Ines sacrificed herself to show him the truth, and the 200-year-old Cacu's physical body aged and transformed right in front of Eric's eyes. Eric finally found Luna and told her that he was ready to do the right thing.
    He entered the sacred waters of Marangatu, and Luna tried to stop him, but Jaciara told her to let him pass. Eric sacrificed his life and returned the powers of each and every entity that he had forcefully taken earlier. Castro also arrived at the scene, and he got to know that Debora and others had lost their powers. Eric sacrificed his mortal life to save the forest and its inhabitants, and the possibility of Eric returning to the mortal realm is still unknown. Castro was found guilty of contamination of the water supply, illegal mining of mineral resources, and formation of a criminal organization, and found a venomous snake in his prison cell. Catro's family had ruined her life, killed her people, and kept her in the dark for years.

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