The Blacklist: Who Was Meera Malik? Why Did Meera Malik Actor Parminder Nagra Leave The Show?

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Who Was Meera On The Blacklist? This post will provide all the information about Parminder Nagra as Meera on The Blacklist.

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    On The Blacklist, who was Meera? Parminder Nagra as Meera on The Blacklist was a key character and had a vital role in The Blacklist. After being convinced to do so by Diane Fowler, CIA agent Meera is assigned to the Raymond Reddington inquiry. In the NBC series The Blacklist, British actress Parminder Nagra portrays the role of CIA operative Meera Malik.

    #1. Who Was Meera On The Blacklist?

    Parminder Nagra as Meera on The Blacklist

    Source: The Cinemaholic

    Parminder Nagra is the one who plays Meera on The Blacklist. Sukha and Nashuter Nagra gave birth to their daughter Parminder Nagra in Leicester, England, on October 5, 1975. Both of them held factory jobs in India before moving to the UK in the 1960s. The parents of Parminder are Sikhs. After finishing primary school in Leicester’s Northfield House, Nagra continued his education at Soar Valley College for his secondary education. Also, she made her stage debut there and played the viola in the theater's young orchestra.

    Former acting teacher Jez Simons, who is currently the artistic director of the theater group Haithizi Productions, approached her with the idea of joining the company. Nagra concurred. She attended the Leicester Haymarket production of the musical Nimai in 1994 to audition for the chorus member position, and she was given the part. But she stepped in to play the part after the actress who was initially chosen for the lead role walked out during the first week of rehearsal.

    #2. Parminder Nagra’s Family And Hobbies

    Parminder Nagra as Meera on The Blacklist

    Source: The Blacklist

    Her parents were born and raised in India, where they remained until the 1960s. They came to the decision that it would be better for them to begin a fresh chapter in England, where they would ultimately have a daughter. Nagra’s parents came to the conclusion that moving would be best for them and any future children they might have. And Parminder is the oldest of the couple's four children.

    She performs on the viola, a musical instrument comparable to the violin but much smaller and with a higher pitch. It wasn’t until she was in college that she decided to try the instrument, but she quickly established herself as a valuable member of the school’s youth orchestra. Fans of her acting were presumably already aware of her innate talent in the performing arts, but it's still astonishing how quickly she picked up an instrument.

    Parminder had a good time while she was a student. She started to grow not just as a musician but also as an actor in the productions held at the institution. She was able to take on the performance-oriented position at Soar Valley College. By the time she graduated, she had left a lasting impression on almost everyone who attended the school.

    #3. Parminder Nagra Movies And TV Shows

    Parminder Nagra as Meera on The Blacklist

    Source: The Blacklist

    While performing with the theater company she created in college, Parminder experienced her big break. She had been put in the chorus since the actress who was supposed to play the main role had to bail out at the last minute. As a direct consequence, everyone hurried to find someone who could adequately fill her shoes, and the logical decision was to elevate Parminder to the role.

    The things that happened after are now regarded as part of history. She garnered the attention of various people, including the drama professor at her institution, even before the original lead actress withdrew from the play. It was simple to pick who would fill her position after she made the decision to stop taking part in the program.

    Jess in "Bend It Like Beckham," "Dr. Neela Rahgotra" in "ER," and "Dr. Lucy Banerjee" in "Alcatraz" are a few of Nagra's most well-known performances. She was chosen to carry the Olympic flame through the streets of London as it made its way from Athens to London for the Summer Games in 2004. The Summer Games were held in London. Films like Twenty8k, Ella Enchanted, and The Exchange are other instances. On television, one can watch shows like Psych, The Whole Truth, Changing World, and Holby City. She provided Ada with a voice for "TRON: Uprising."

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