Will There Be Workin Moms Season 8? Updated Release Date And Cast

Lynne 1 month ago
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If you've already binge-watched them, you may be wondering if there will be more. We have the answer for you down below!

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    At the end of Workin' Moms season 6, the audience was left in suspense about what happened to Anne. However, we quickly got the answers we were looking for in the first few minutes of the season 7 premiere! Thankfully, Heather didn't cause any serious harm to her and Anne was able to recover at home after a hospital stay.
    As usual, the series focuses on the struggles of motherhood, relationships, and careers. Each of the characters discovers the kind of legacy they want to create both in their work and personal lives. The seventh season of the Canadian show, which aired on CBC, was released on Netflix on April 26th, 2023 with a full thirteen episodes. If you've already binge-watched them, you may be wondering if there will be more. We have the answer for you down below!

    #1. Workin’ Moms season 8: Will there be another season?

    Workin Moms Season 8

    Source: TV Guide

    Unfortunately, all good things must end eventually, and that’s the case with Workin’ Moms. There won’t be a season 8 of the hit comedy. The show has given us some good laughs for seven seasons, but now it’s time to say goodbye.

    Workin Moms Season 8

    Source: IMDb

    When CBC announced the series was renewed for a seventh season, the network also shared it would be the final one. Seven seasons is great! Not many projects can get that far. We’re really not surprised. The story, comedy, and drama all made for the perfect mix.
    We won’t spoil anything in case you haven’t watched the series finale yet. All we’ll say is that the episode, appropriately titled “The End,” sees Kate make a big career decision as she takes her late father’s advice to “never settle for anything less than magic.” And the story we’ve been following comes to a heartwarming and satisfying conclusion!

    #2. Workin’ Moms season 7: Streaming now

    Workin Moms Season 8

    Source: Amazfeed

    Workin’ Moms Season 7 is finally on Netflix, which means fans will soon be wondering whether or not the Canadian comedy will return with more new episodes in the future.
    Created by and starring Catherine Reitman, the show’s seventh season features badass moms trying to find a work/life balance, babies, breast-feeding, parenting struggles and wins, and even a male birth control discussion led by Ginny & Georgia‘s Raymond Ablack. Surprise!
    Kate (Reitman), Nathan (Philip Sternberg), Anne (Dani Kind), Lionel (Ryan Belleville), Jenny (Jessalyn Wanlim), Val (Sarah McVie), and Sloane (Enuka Okuma) deliver another incredibly funny, heartfelt season that will leave fans wanting more once the finale’s end credits roll.

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