Why Is Yellowstone Not On Paramount Plus? Fully Explained

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    Why is Yellowstone not on Paramount Plus? Here we go! Even though the Paramount Network produces "Yellowstone", the fact that it is not available to stream on the network's streaming service, Paramount Plus, is due to a previous agreement with NBCUniversal. Sunday night was the opening of Season 5 of "Yellowstone," a two-hour episode.

    Why Is Yellowstone Not On Paramount Plus?

    In this episode, the Dutton family is thrust into politics when Kevin Costner's character, "John Dutton," is sworn in as the newly elected governor of Montana. The cast of "Yellowstone," including Luke Grimes and Kelsey Asbille, attended an event in Fort Worth's Stockyards district the night before when they walked the red carpet. At the Downtown Cowtown location of the Isis Theater, the premiere of the first episode of the season was presented.

    Yellowstone And Paramount Plus

    Peacock successfully acquired the streaming rights to "Yellowstone" in January 2020, which was in the middle of the show's second and third seasons. Peacock was released in July 2020, with "Yellowstone" as one of the most alluring aspects of the streaming service. In 2020, the proprietary streaming service Paramount Plus had not yet been made available to consumers.

    Peacock was in complete command of the "Yellowstone" streaming rights even though Paramount Plus would not launch until March 2021, less than a year after the company's initial announcement to launch the service. Because of the decline in revenue from streaming services and the increasing demand for "Yellowstone," Paramount decided to put all of its eggs in the western basket and offered the show's creator, Taylor Sheridan, a contract to develop numerous projects that are connected to the series.

    The first of these was "1883," a precursor to "Yellowstone" that premiered on Paramount Plus in December 2021 and was available to stream exclusively there. Even if it's possible that "Yellowstone" won't be on Paramount Plus for the foreseeable future, Sheridan has a ton of projects that are going to be available on the streaming service that Paramount operates.

    In December, Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren will be appearing in "1923," an additional "Yellowstone" prequel that will be released on Paramount Plus. In addition, a show about the infamous lawman Bass Reeves is currently in the works.

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