Who Is Honored As The UK's Least Attractive Dog?

Marlene 1 month ago
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While some dogs go viral for their extra fluffy hair or pretty eyes, Peggy has made headlines for being the most unattractive dog in Britain.

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    While some dogs become viral for their exceptionally fluffy hair or beautiful eyes, Peggy has made headlines for being Britain's most ugliest dog. Her owners, on the other hand, are extremely proud of her accomplishments and would not trade her for the world. Scroll down for more details about Peggy-the adorable dog!

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    #1. People Were Hesitant To Adopt Peggy.

    Source: Instagram

    Peggy's life has not been easy. The Chinese crested pug mix was the last of her unintentional brood to be adopted. People were put off by her appearance because, unlike other puppies, she had a floppy tongue and very little fur.

    #2. She Finally Found A Mom Who Loves Her Deeply.

    Source: Instagram

    Holly first encountered Peggy in 2018 and fell in love with her, adding, "We loved her the moment we lay eyes on her...I just felt bad for her, sitting there with no hair and her tongue hanging out...I just had the feeling that no one wanted her." Fortunately, Peggy is healthy and can eat and drink normally with her tongue.

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    #3. She Won The UK's Search For The Most Ugliest Dog, But Beauty Is More Than One's Physical Look.

    Source: Instagram

    Holly, a mother of two, says her eldest was originally embarrassed by Peggy, but that has since faded since the dog won the contest and became famous. When people suggested it, the family entered their dog in the competition, telling them they had a strong chance of winning. They were correct. Peggy was declared the contest winner. Despite receiving hundreds of submissions, only seven canines were chosen to participate further. The organizers held the tournament to "celebrate" such dogs, which are frequently overlooked owing to their appearance.

    #4. Peggy Also Won People’s Hearts Online.

    Source: Instagram

    People all throughout the country have fallen in love with Peggy, and she's become something of a celebrity. "Despite winning...the UK title, we think Peggy is beautiful both inside and out and wouldn't change her for the world," Holly said, adding that she's the most sweet and loving dog anybody could ask for. It's amazing how Peggy progressed from being an abandoned puppy to becoming a global sweetie!

    We hope Peggy is living her best life! Have you ever adopted any pets? No matter how animals look, it's adorable. If you found this post helpful, don't forget to check out our homepage at Dardarkom for more fun and adorable content about entertainment, humor, memes, and animals.



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