Who Is Runner-Up Of Drag Race Season 15? Interesting Facts About The Gorgeous Queen, Anetra

Sandoval 2 month ago
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Are you eager to learn who Anetra is on Drag Race as you watch the season 15 finale?In this post, we will take a closer look at Anetra’s rise to fame, her signature style, and what sets her apart from the competition.

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    Are you eager to learn who Anetra is on Drag Race as you watch the season 15 finale? Are you on the lookout for drag's next big thing? Consider Anetra, the Season 15 breakout star of RuPaul's Drag Race. In this post, we will take a closer look at Anetra’s rise to fame, her signature style, and what sets her apart from the competition. Keep reading until the end to find out some of the most interesting information about the gorgeous queen!

    #1. Who is Anetra on Drag Race?


    Source: MTV

    Anetra was born on July 9, 1997, in Las Vegas. She is currently active as a drag performer. In the past, Anetra belonged to the same drag family as India Ferrah. She used to go by the name Anetra Ferrah. The queen chose the stage name “Anetra” because it was the name of a stripper that she used to work with. Anetra proclaimed that that woman was "the hottest thing" she had ever seen.

    #2. What is Anetra’s ethnicity?


    Source: MTV

    German, Japanese, Filipino, and Puerto Rican people make up Anetra's ethnicity. In an interview with JoySauce, Anetra once talked about her Asian identity. She shared, “As I lean into my Asianness in my drag, I find so much power in it. When I present the woman I am presenting in drag, I present something that I would love to see for myself and also my younger self. When I bring touches of Asianness when I do drag, I think about how growing up I didn’t have a queer icon that was somebody that looked like me. That is a huge thing for me."

    #3. Does Anetra’s family support her?


    Source: MTV

    Anetra grew up with a Filipino and Japanese father. She acknowledges that being Asian and queer are both challenging identities. When she was younger, she believed that her mother would accept her but her father would not, but the reality was quite different.

    Her Drag Race career has a lot of encouragement from Anetra's father. Even still, he contacts her frequently to inquire about the topic of the upcoming Drag Race episode. This helps Anetra and her father grow closer to each other. “It’s a very nice surprise for me because growing up as an Asian kid, and my father being from Hawaii, Japanese, and Filipino, I knew he was a very tough man. I had always dreaded my father, so knowing that he truly loves who I am meant the world to me”, she says.

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    In contrast, dealing with Anetra's mother is not always simple. Anetra shared that she is still waiting for her mom to come around. “I’m open to having a conversation and educating her if she has any questions, but, again that’s one of those things where you have to put yourself and your happiness first at the end of the day”, she admits.

    #4. How does Anetra become the runner-up of Drag Race?

    Anetra's journey on RuPaul's Drag Race was full of ups and downs. Anetra was able to win over the judges with her artistic appearance and breathtaking performances, but she also had trouble keeping up her enthusiasm.

    3 Maxi Challenges and 2 Mini Challenges were all won by Anetra. However, as she faced unexpected obstacles and intense competition from her fellow queens, Anetra found herself in the bottom two times. Anetra needed 10 episodes to get her second victory. She regrettably came in second place on RuPaul's Drag Race, losing the crown to Sasha Colby.


    Source: MTV

    Despite facing several criticism and setbacks, Anetra never lost her passion and determination, always pushing herself to improve and grow as a performer. Fun fact, Anetra had 14 years of experience practicing Taekwondo, and it had helped her perform many amazing stunts during her journey as a Drag Race contestant.

    Anetra's performance of her original song, "Walk That F—ing Duck," which immediately became one of the most iconic lip-syncs in Drag Race history, was one of the key moments of her stint on the program. With the addition of some impressive stunt moves, it’s clear that her sassy and powerful interpretation of the song left judges and fans alike in awe.

    Anetra’s passion for drag is evident in every aspect of her work, from her intricate costumes to her dynamic choreography. Her resilience inspired fans around the world, which helped Anetra maintain her place as a beloved member of the Drag Race community.

    #5. What is Anetra’s Future plan?


    Source: MTV

    Anetra discussed her plans for the future in an interview with PRIDE after receiving significant exposure from Drag Race. “I am open and single. I’m 25 with a pretty good credit score and a great smile. [Laughs] No, I’m just kidding. First of all, thank you for all of the love [from the fans]. I’m so excited to actually tour and get to meet fans and see the people on the other side of the screen and really have my Drag Race experience start. I’m just very excited”, she says.

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