Who Is In Netflix Beef Cast? Full List of Beef Cast and Characters

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Ahead of the series premiere on April 6, here's a rundown of all the characters and actors you should know before tuning in, plus their social media accounts. Let's get started!

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    If you're looking for a new show to watch, check out Beef, the dark comedy drama series that follows the repercussions of a road rage incident. Danny Cho (Steven Yeun) and Amy Lau (Ali Wong) are both out for revenge, and their feud could cost them their careers, relationships, and maybe even themselves. This 10-episode narrative from A24 and creator Lee Sung Jin is full of humor, suspense, and emotion. Ahead of the series premiere on April 6, here's a rundown of all the characters and actors you should know before tuning in, plus their social media accounts. Let's get started!

    #1. Paul Cho: Young Mazino

    cast of beef netflix

    Source: Collider

    In the midst of a quarter-life crisis, Paul divides his time between gaming, crypto investing, pumping iron and avoiding his older bro, Danny, as much as possible. Fed up with his “family of losers,” the youngest Cho distances himself at every opportunity.  
    Mazino originally trained as a musician before committing to acting around 2014. Check out his guest spots on TV’s Blindspot, New Amsterdam, Tommy, Blue Bloods and Prodigal Son.

    #2. Danny Cho: Steven Yeun

    cast of beef netflix

    Source: MEAWW

    Consider the plummeting bank account, lack of job prospects and younger brother he feels responsible for, and Danny has a lot on his plate — even without the beef. That’s not to mention his self-imposed life purpose of saving enough money to buy land to build his parents a SoCal dream home.
    Before BEEF, Yeun earned an Academy Award nomination for his performance in the Golden Globe–winning film Minari and became the first Asian American to be nominated for best actor. He also had supporting roles in Jordan Peele’s Nope, Stephen Karam’s The Humans, Boots Riley’s Sorry to Bother You, Joe Lynch’s Mayhem and Bong Joon-ho’s Okja, but many will remember him as Glenn from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Meanwhile, his voice acting credits include Voltron: Legendary Defender and Netflix’s Tales of Arcadia, Stretch Armstrong & the Flex Fighters and Tuca & Bertie. 

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    #3. George Nakai: Joseph Lee

    cast of beef netflix

    Source: Netflix Life

    As a sculptor turned stay-at-home dad with the physique of a biker and the zen of a Buddhist monk, George seems the perfect trophy husband to wife Amy. But as with his custom vases, there’s more going on there than a shiny exterior, and it often goes unnoticed. 
    Lee made his film debut in Searching, which appeared in the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. He also starred in the short film Raspberry and TV series Star Trek: Picard, Miracle That We Met, Rizzoli & Isles and NCIS: Los Angeles. Fun fact: Like his character George, Lee is an artist.

    #4. Amy Lau: Ali Wong

    cast of beef netflix

    Source: IMDb

    With a handsome husband, adorable daughter, newly renovated home and  multimillion-dollar sale of her company in the works —  plant entrepreneur (plantrepreneur?) Amy is all set to become a very rich, very content stay-at-home mom. In her mind, at least. All that’s left to do is close the deal — oh, and ruin Danny’s life. 
    You might recognize Wong from any one of her three Netflix stand-up specials: Baby Cobra (2016), Hard Knock Wife (2018) and Don Wong (2022). She also starred in and was the writer and producer of the 2019 Netflix rom-com Always Be My Maybe.
    She had a supporting role in 2020’s Birds of Prey, was a cast member in ABC’s American Housewife and has made guest appearances in Inside Amy Schumer, Black Box and Are You There, Chelsea? She also appeared in Fresh Off the Boat, for which she was a writer for the first three seasons. 

    #5. Jordan Forster: Maria Bello

    cast of beef netflix

    Source: Variety

    An unfathomably wealthy woman who’s used to getting what she wants, Jordan has the big boss title over at Forsters, the home improvement store looking to buy Amy’s plant company, Kōyōhaus. With a proclivity for bullying and cultural appropriation, she’s also (unfortunately) the one who will decide whether or not Amy’s deal goes through. 
    You may know Bello from films such as A History of Violence, Coyote Ugly, The Cooler, Lights Out, Grown Ups, Flicka and Thank You for Smoking, or TV series like NCIS, Law & Order: SVU, Goliath, Touch, ER and the original Mr. and Mrs. Smith. 

    #6. Naomi Forster: Ashley Park

    cast of beef netflix

    Source: Variety

    Jordan’s sister-in-law, Naomi, is a stay-at-home mom, and Amy envies her situation. But while Naomi presents as every bit the stylish and glamorous homemaker, she’s lonely — and struggles with FOMO and insecurity as a result of her choices.  
    Park is probably most easily recognized for her current role as Mindy in Netflix’s Emily in Paris or as the original Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls on Broadway. Her theater work has been extensive, including Mamma Mia!, the Tony Award–winning revival of The King and I and a run of Sunday in the Park with George alongside Jake Gyllenhaal. Some more of her TV titles include Only Murders in the Building, Mr. Malcolm’s List and Girls5Eva. Look out for her this summer in the upcoming comedy film Joy Ride. 

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