Who Is Diana Tejada In Power? What To Know About LaToya Tonodeo On Playing Diana In Power Book II: Ghost Season 2

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Looking for information on LaToya Tonodeo, who played Diana Tejada in Power? Scroll down to get all about her!

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    The Power, the newest series on Amazon Prime, introduces a diverse selection of characters with intricate relationships. The vastness of The Power's premise, with electrical abilities developing in many women across the world, is one of its most fascinating aspects. To tell such a broad story means balancing the experiences of characters in a variety of cultures and social classes, and as such, the cast of The Power is a diverse one. One of the characters that lead to the success of the series is Diana, portrayed by LaToya Tonodeo.

    #1. Who is LaToya Tonodeo?

    LaToya Tonodeo

    Source: The Independent

    LaToya Tonodeo is an American actress and TV personality well-known for her roles in the TV series Power Book II: Ghost. She has also acted in a number of popular films and TV series, which has served to keep her in the spotlight. LaToya debuted as an actress on screen at a young age and hasn't left the entertainment business since.

    LaToya Tonodeo is an active social media influencer and model. LaToya Tonodeo’s content on TikTok has garnered more than 871,000 likes as a result of her attractiveness, talent, and polished performances. She has a sizable fan base in the United States and around the globe for her talent and grace.

    #2. How old is LaToya Tonodeo?

    LaToya Tonodeo

    Source: Page Six

    On April 23, 1997, LaToya Tonodeo was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. This means that LaToya Tonodeo’s age in 2023 is 26 years. The actress grew up with her family, although she avoids talking about them in the media.

    #3. How's LaToya Tonodeo's career?

    LaToya Tonodeo

    Source: Capital FM

    LaToya Tonodeo made her professional debut in 2009 at the age of twelve through a film named Becoming Pony Boi. She portrayed the character of a party girl in the movie. After that in 2015, she worked in Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. In that movie, she played the role of Lady in Casino. In 2018, she played an important role in The Fosters, which is a TV series. This was, in fact, the first performance on her part which earned her recognition as an actor. 

    Since then she appeared in a number of movies like Paltrocast with Darren Paltrowitz, The Head Thieves, The Oath, and many others. However, she came prominently under the limelight with her performance in the TV series named “Power Book II: Ghost”. In this TV series, she portrayed the character of Diana Tejada and with her stunning performance, captivated millions of audiences. She has also worked in The Last Straw. 

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    #4. Who is LaToya Tonodeo dating? 

    LaToya Tonodeo

    Source: Variety

    At the moment, Tonodeo is dating Arlen Escarpeta. Sergio Verduzco’s current talk show, Noches con Platanito, featured the power couple back in 2018. After dating for over years, Latoya and her boyfriend Escarpeta got engaged in 2021. At the gym is where they revealed they met for the first time. Further, the couple said that as soon as they met they were head over heels in love with one another.

    Upon announcing the big news, Tonodeo posted a video of herself on Instagram, in which she showed off her beautiful ring. Moreover, Latoya and her husband are as open and transparent about their romance as they are about their relationship. On their social media accounts, they frequently post adorable photos.

    #5. What is Latoya Tonodeo's net worth?

    LaToya Tonodeo

    Source: People

    LaToya Tonodeo is not much vocal about her personal life, and she does not talk much about her personal details. However, it is evident from her social media accounts that she is living a lavish life. Tonodeo has many branded mobiles and luxury cars. However, her main source of income is through brand ads, modeling, acting, and promotions. Latoya Tonodeo has an estimated net worth of $2 million approximately for the year 2022. With her career in bloom, we can safely assume that mentioned amount will eventually reach a significant amount.

    #6. What are some interesting facts about LaToya Tonodeo?

    LaToya Tonodeo

    Source: People

    • She is very popular on social media and has around 71.9k followers and 268.3k likes on the official TikTok account.
    • Tonodeo is health conscious and loves to cook healthy food for herself at home.
    • The actress has traveled to many places like Mexico and Puerto Rica.
    • LaToya also has a pet dog, and she often shares his pictures on her social media handle.
    • The actress mostly celebrates her birthday and festivals with her family and her fiance.
    • LaToya loves food, and she loves to experiment with different cuisines.
    • Her movie “Power Book II: Ghost” also won the NAACP image award in March 2022.
    • She takes proper care of her body and skin by taking care of her diet and hydration.

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