Who is Brandi from Dance 100? Everything About Dance 100 Winner You Want To Know

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The first season of Netflix's 'Dance 100' was a spectacular success, with viewer favorite Brandi Chun taking home the crown.We are here to provide some answers and shed some light on the talented dancer's current whereabouts.

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    The first season of Netflix's 'Dance 100' was a spectacular success, with viewer favorite Brandi Chun taking home the crown. Her remarkable dance moves and enthusiasm throughout the competition won her many admirers, and now everyone is wondering what she's been up to since then. We are here to provide some answers and shed some light on the talented dancer's current whereabouts.

    #1. Who is Brandi from Dance 100?

    Who is Brandi from Dance 100

    Source: ABC News

    Brandi Chun is a highly experienced dancer, choreographer, and instructor. She has been involved in the art form since she was three years old and trained at 24-7 Danceforce Studio until she graduated from high school, after which she moved to Los Angeles. Brandi has taught at the esteemed Millennium Dance Complex in Studio City and her fellow Dance 100 competitor, Rex Kline, has also performed there.

    #2. Brandi Chun’s Dance 100 Journey

    Who is Brandi from Dance 100

    Source: CBR

    Brandi Chun was prepared to make an impression and stand out among the other seven contestants on the debut season of 'Dance 100'. She choreographed a routine for herself and the other seven dancers, which helped her advance to the second round with 14 competitors. Thanks to her talent, she was able to avoid the double elimination and make it to the third level with a team of 20 dancers.

    Brandi stood out among all the competitors and advanced to the semi-finals. This round required her to come up with two dances for 25 dancers, the first one being based on a decade given to her - the 1960s. Despite having grown up in the 90s, she did her research and put her trust in her team to provide an amazing performance. For the second routine, Brandi was asked to create a story based on a prompt, which was about a novice entering the world of the underground circus. She let her creativity run wild, choreographed a routine with her as the ringmaster, and gave the other dancers a chance to shine. Her efforts were rewarded when she was chosen by the Dance 100 crew to be a finalist, with more than half of the votes being for her.

    Who is Brandi from Dance 100

    Source: Variety

    Brandi Chun faced off against Keenan Cooks in the 'Dance 100' season 1 finale, having to craft two different routines for 50 and 100 dancers, respectively. Encouragement from her family back in Hawaii only served to further motivate her for the competition. All of the performances in the final were nothing short of spectacular. However, Brandi's unfailing quality and command of leadership saw her garner the majority of votes and clinch the victory.

    #3. Where is Brandi Chun Now?

    Who is Brandi from Dance 100

    Source: Variety

    Originating from O’ahu, Hawaii, Brandi Chun has had a passion for dancing since she was three. To advance her talent, she studied with 24-VII Danceforce, a dancing studio in Kaneohe, Hawaii, until she was eighteen. After graduating high school, Brandi moved to Los Angeles, California, to take up a job so she could keep striving towards her goal of becoming one of the top dancers. Currently, she is still working as a Dancer and Choreographer.

    Brandi is a renowned Dance Instructor and is associated with DancePlug, offering online classes through their website. She has had the opportunity to participate in many projects, such as Cirque Du Soleil's "Michael Jackson ONE," the "Move Beyond" tour with Julianne and Derek Hough, and the Disney Junior tour. Brandi has appeared in photoshoots as a Model and has collaborated with Nissan, WeWork, and Rodan+Fields. Upon turning 30 in September 2022, the reality TV star is looking forward to pursuing her career in dance. Brandi is presently in a relationship with Kanoenoe Esteves, another dancer, and is currently promoting the Netflix show with Go 2 Talent Agency. We wish Brandi all the best in her life and hope she has continued success and joy.

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