Who Is Abigail Baker On Blue Bloods? Meet Abigail Hawk

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Are you trying to find out more about Abigail Hawk, the actress who portrays Abigail Baker on Blue Bloods? Here is all information.

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    Are you trying to find out more about Abigail Hawk, the actress who portrays Abigail Baker on Blue Bloods? Since the second overall episode of the CBS crime drama television series Blue Bloods in 2010, well-known American actress and director Abigail Hawk has played the recurring character of Detective Abigail Baker on the program, Blue Bloods airs on CBS.

    #1. Who is Abigail Hawk, who plays Abigail Baker on Blue Bloods?

    Abigail Hawk

    Source: Newsday

    Abigail Hawk was born to her parents, Robert and Diane Gustafson, in Chicago on May 4, 1985. Her full name given to her at birth was Abigail Diane Gustafson. When she was still a child, she and her family left everything behind and relocated to Sandy Springs. The height and weight of Abigail Hawk are 5 feet 8 inches tall and 64 kg, respectively. Her body measurements are 36-26-36 inches. Naturally, there seems to be a huge number of women in Hollywood who are above average, which may be what Hollywood’s producers and directors are searching for.

    She enrolled at Sandy Springs, North Springs Charter School of Arts and Sciences, where she got the role of Samantha Bonner in Reality Check. She graduated from the University of Maryland in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre.

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    #2. Who is Abigail Hawk’s husband?

    Abigail Hawk

    Source: Newsday

    Abigail who shares the interest in not disclosing her personal fact is actually a happily married woman. Her husband, Bryan Spies, works as a New York Fire Department Lieutenant. Once employed at Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery, the FDNY Lieutenant. Before becoming engaged to her husband in March 2009, Abigail had been dating him for a while. Then, on April 25, 2009, they wed. This was just a month or two later. Although they were married in Roswell, their celebration was held all the way over in Davenport.

    The couple's 14th wedding anniversary will be observed this year. They have two children together, and they are both sons. We do not know her kids’ names or further identities, but she shares many pictures with them on her social media. We could tell that she is a doting mother, even without all the pictures.

    #3. Abigail Hawk’s movies and TV shows

    Abigail Hawk

    Source: Newsday

    In 1995, she made her television debut on the sitcom Reality Check, where she played a recurring role. After a brief absence, she returned to the industry by taking on a minor part in the 2007 movie Across the Universe.

    Before landing the lead part of "Abigail Baker/Detective Melissa" in the popular crime drama "Blue Bloods" in 2010, she began her acting career with modest roles in shows like "Body of Evidence" and "Are We There Yet?" In the 2017 film "Almost Paris," she plays the lead. For her work in the movie, judged at the Golden Door Film Festival, she was awarded “Best Actress.”

    #4. What is Abigail Hawk’s networth?

    Abigail Hawk

    Source: Newsday

    The actress's exact net worth and, annual salary are yet to be revealed. However, as of 2023, Abigail Hawk's net worth was estimated to be around $800,000. She is a minor player in terms of fortune compared to other A-list celebrities, but that is still a significant amount of money. Similarly, her acting career has netted her a sizable sum of money. She has had a number of significant parts in both films and television shows, thus her net worth allows her to maintain a decent and lavish lifestyle.

    #5. What is Abigail Hawk’s Blue Bloods salary?

    Abigail Hawk

    Source: Newsday

    On Blue Bloods, Abigail Hawk makes $100,000 per episode. In the series, her income was extended from $5 million to $15 million per season in 2009.

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