Where Was Netflix’s In His Shadow Filmed? Reveal Filming Places

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It is natural for many of you to pose the question — where is ‘In His Shadow’ shot? Luckily for you, we come bearing an answer for the same!

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    The Netflix French-language film “In His Shadow” revolves around the lives of two brothers with contradictory worldviews, along with what happens following their final feud. Ibrahim has grown to be a thug, while Adama has kept alive the values imbibed in them by their father. Years and years of disagreements have pushed Adama to the edge, but he always chose to maintain his peace with Ibrahim.

    Apart from the brilliant onscreen performances from Kaaris, Alassane Diong, Assa Sylla, Carl Malapa, and Issaka Sawadogo, what elevates the quality of the narrative further is the relatively darker undertone against the backdrop of an outer Paris suburb, where most of the action takes place. Moreover, the rough and tough life of the outer Parisian suburbs is depicted quite vividly through the tussle in which the half-brothers get involved.It is natural for many of you to pose the question — where is ‘In His Shadow’ shot? Luckily for you, we come bearing an answer for the same!

    #1. What is In His Shadow about?

    Where Was Netflix’s In His Shadow Filmed

    Source: Netflix

    Based on the French rapper Kaaris’ original idea, Netflix’s ‘In His Shadow’ (originally titled ‘Le Roi des Ombres’) is a French crime thriller movie written and directed by Marc Fouchard. It follows two half-brothers — Ibrahim and Adama — out of whom the latter lost his vision after meeting with a tragic accident in his childhood. 

    However, after losing his eyesight, Adama’s sense of hearing increased tenfold, which he uses to his advantage now. Their father is what binds them together and keeps things peaceful, despite the differences between them. But when he passes away, there is an inevitable rift between Ibrahim and Adama as they find themselves in an ongoing conflict that is bound to have grave consequences.

    #2. In His Shadow Filming Locations: Paris, France

    Where Was Netflix’s In His Shadow Filmed

    Source: Zimbio
    ‘In His Shadow’ was filmed entirely in France, particularly in and around Paris. Principal photography for the thriller drama movie reportedly commenced in May 2022 and wrapped up after a month or so in June of the same year. So, without taking much of your time, let us take you to the specific locations where the Netflix movie was lensed!

    Where Was Netflix’s In His Shadow Filmed

    Source: TC

    Paris, France: Almost all the pivotal sequences for ‘In His Shadow’ were recorded around Paris, France’s capital. Since the movie is based in the city’s outer suburbs, the director and his team moved from the metropolis center to one of the suburbs to shoot most of the exterior and interior portions of the Kaaris starrer.
    While the exterior scenes were mainly taped on location on different streets and neighborhoods, many key interior scenes were recorded on a constructed set on the sound stage of one of the film studios located in Paris. Numerous film studios might have speculatively been utilized by the production team of ‘In His Shadow,’ such as Les Studios de Paris, Cité du Cinéma, and ABEL14 Studio.
    While violent crimes are relatively rare in the city center, their rate increases as we move farther away to the outer suburbs. Thus, the cast and crew strategically shot most of the movie in the suburbs to add authenticity to the narrative. Paris and its surrounding areas have appeared in a bunch of movies over the years.

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