Where Was Ciao House Filmed? Reveal Specific Filming Locations

Lynne 2 month ago
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The Ciao House competition will feature the contestants residing in a luxurious 10 bedroom villa. Where is the exact place where Ciao House was filmed?

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    Food Network veteran Alex Guarnaschelli and Tuscan-born chef Gabriele Bertaccini will be premiering Ciao House, a show that has 10 aspiring chefs competing in individual and team challenges. They will have to fight for their place in the competition and do their best to stay safe.

    The Ciao House competition will feature the contestants residing in a luxurious 10 bedroom villa. During their stay, the chefs will not only be preparing for the challenges ahead of them, but also taking time to relax and enjoy their time in the villa. Furthermore, the villa provides the ideal atmosphere for the contestants to form bonds, devise plans, and strategize for the competition. Where is the exact place where Ciao House was filmed?

    #1. Ciao House: "This is more than a house"

    Where Was Ciao House Filmed

    Source: Sportskeeda

    Hosts Alex Guarnaschelli and Gabriele Bertaccin will welcome the 10 contestants into a luxurious Tuscan villa where they will be seen battling it out against each other and delivering their skills in Italian cuisine. Not only will they be competing in challenges, they will also have to prove their social skills in choosing their own teams and forming alliances cleverly to stay safe.
    A preview clip of the season premiere episode of Ciao House teased what fans can expect. The contestants headed to the villa in a red car and couldn't believe their eyes when they reached the destination. The chefs termed the villa as "nuts," "crazy," and "out of their dreams."

    #2. Where was Ciao House filmed?

    Where Was Ciao House Filmed

    Source: TV Line

    According to a report, the villa is a 14th century Tuscan beauty, located in Borgo San Lorenzo. The contestants are excited and equally impressed with their accommodation. The villa is a yellow estate with greenery all around. The black windows compliment the yellow color of the villa, and the huge raised ceilings add to the extravagant structure.
    The Ciao House season 1 villa is not a compound but a huge estate made up of 10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. As soon as the contestants enter the villa, mural ceilings, paintings, and structures take up the screen, receiving exclamations of awe, satisfaction, and intrigue from the chefs.

    Where Was Ciao House Filmed

    Source: Sportskeeda

    When it's this grand AND it's set in the Tuscan countryside, it's no longer just a house... it's a villa  Check out the gorgeous spaces where the chefs will compete *and* live together as they battle it out Italian style on #CiaoHouse, premiering Sunday @ 9|8c.

    The chefs entered through wooden doors with fancy knobs into the living room and greeted their fellow contestants with whom they would share the villa for the duration of the series. 

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    #3. How much does the Ciao House cost?

    Where Was Ciao House Filmed

    Source: Parade

    They were seen getting acquainted with each other's names, while viewers saw a variety of showpieces, cupboards, paintings, flowers, and many more attractions.
    The Ciao House contestants explored the backyard together and were stunned to see the swimming pool. As they walked through the backyard, New York-based chef Corey Becker said in a confessional:
    "This is more than a house. This is an estate. This is a compound. It is absurd."
    The chefs then entered the kitchen together and exclaimed "wow" simultaneously. The kitchen had a rustic but also modern feel to it. On one hand, there was the Tuscan fireplace where the contestants could cook authentic barbecues and more. The other side, meanwhile, had different sized shelves, which were filled with culinary vessels, fresh produce, and more.

    Where Was Ciao House Filmed

    Source: TV Insider

    The two ends of the kitchen were separated by a massive wooden center table with shelves below to fit in larger sized containers and plates. Omar Ashley from New York talked about the kitchen in a confessional on Ciao House and said:
    "The kitchen is amazing. It makes you feel like you are in someone's grandmother's kitchen....Not my grandma (laughs)."
     Ciao House host Gabe Bertaccini was seen making a choice between different villas for the show on another show, HGTV's House Hunters International. He wanted his chefs to experience a "family-like" situation and showcase authentic Italian design, which cost somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000 per week.

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