Where Is Traitors Filmed? Traitors Filming Location

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    Searching for Traitors filming locations? Where is Traitors filmed? Here we go! The Traitors, a brand-new reality competition, has begun airing on BBC One. Claudia Winkleman, host of Strictly Come Dancing, will preside over the psychological series.

    The show puts 22 random people in a room together and challenges them to figure out who among them is a traitor before the show's saboteurs start eliminating them one by one.

    This game of talent and cunning has everything to play for, as the winner of the competition will receive 120,000 pounds if they are the last contender standing. However, the premise is not the only thing that has people so excited and invested in the show. In addition, the competitors are situated in a magnificent castle, which is a breathtaking setting.

    Where Is Traitors Filmed?

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    The candidates in The Traitors lived in Ardross Castle, built in the 19th century and situated approximately 40 kilometers (25 miles) north of Inverness. Filming for The Traitors took place in the Scottish Highlands. Most of the filming took place inside the castle and on its grounds, but some challenges were moved to locations in the surrounding area.

    The Scottish Baronial-style building sits on the bank of the River Alness and features more than 100 acres of parkland. Its history dates back to when it served as a hunting lodge for the 1st Duke of Sutherland. The McTaggart family purchased it in 1983, and since then, they have done extensive work to restore the estate and the gardens.


    You can play your version of The Traitors at Ardross Castle, which is available to book for luxury business retreats and as a wedding venue. You can find more information on the website for Ardross Castle or in RadioTimes Travel's guide to excursions to Scottish castles. The host Claudia Winkleman remarked that she had "never been anyplace more gorgeous" than the Highlands of Scotland while they were filming there.

    "At moments, it seemed as though we were in a picture if that's not too corny of a comparison," she remarked. "On day two, we saw a double rainbow, and everyone was like, oh my gosh, and the crew was crying, there were baby deer, there was beautiful heather, there were ancient trees, and there was an ancient loch." "On day two, we saw a double rainbow, and everyone was like, oh my gosh, and the crew were crying, there were baby deer, there Everyone among us had a camera in their hands.

    I called my children via FaceTime and told them, "you've never seen anything like that; it's magical." After that, by the fourth day, there were already three more instances of a double rainbow. I mean, by the time we had reached the end of the three weeks we had seen 50, I had reached the point where I didn't care. On the other hand, it has the most breathtaking scenery."

    Can You Enter The Traitors Filming Location?


    The castle of Ardross does not welcome visitors from the general public. Nevertheless, a wedding or a business function can be held at the location, which has more than 30 rooms and can be rented out for the occasion. On the grounds of the house, guests can book various activities, such as fly fishing on the River Alness, mountain bike rentals, and guided nature walks.

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