Where Is Single Drunk Female Filmed? Specific Filming Locations Revealed

Lynne 2 month ago
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Single Drunk Female is still a comedy series, sure to provide viewers with some laughs. Despite the heavy topics presented in this show, where was it filmed? Here are the filming locations revealed.

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    Samantha Fink, portrayed by Sofia Black D'Elia in Season 1, is someone many can relate to who has had to start over by moving back in with their parents during their twenties or thirties. She works at a media company in New York and struggles to keep her alcoholism a secret, leading to a dramatic situation that ultimately pushes her to move back home with her mother who is not necessarily a calming, understanding person.

    Struggling with her alcohol addiction and the loss of her career, Samantha is put to the test while living back at home with her extremely strict and overbearing mother. Despite its serious themes, Single Drunk Female is still a comedy series, sure to provide viewers with some laughs. Despite the heavy topics presented in this show, where was it filmed? Here are the filming locations for Single Drunk Female.

    #1. Where was 'Single Drunk Female' filmed?

    Where Is Single Drunk Female Filmed

    Source: Patch

    Single Drunk Female was primarily shot in both Chicago and Atlanta during the summer of 2021, with the pilot episode being filmed in December 2020. This information was provided by The Cinemaholic.
    Even though the pilot was filmed way before the rest of the season, the show still ultimately came together beautifully. Chicago was chosen as one of the important backdrops for this show since it’s a city filled with towers, skyscrapers, museums, and gorgeous architecture.

    Where Is Single Drunk Female Filmed

    Source: TC

    The pilot was led by a producer named Christina Varotsis, who’s also been credited with lending her talents to major TV shows such as the Chicago-set Shameless and Batwoman. She obviously knows her way around the area!

    Another important Illinois city that was used for filming is called Joliet. Joliet is about 30 miles southwest of Chicago and is mainly known for its infrastructure and current economic growth. The first episode of Single Drunk Female was filmed inside a home on the west side of the city. According to the outlet, the show creators chose a one-story brick house on Mason Street's 1500 block. Interestingly enough, curious bystanders were able to snag a few quick glimpses of the filming process as it took place.

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    #2. Atlanta is the perfect place for 'Single Drunk Female' 

    Where Is Single Drunk Female Filmed

    Source: Distractify

    There’s a reason Atlanta, Ga. is now considered the “Hollywood of the South” according to Time. Georgia as a state has done its best to attract the magic and allure of Hollywood since the mid-2000s when former Governor Sonny Perdue signed a lavish tax incentive that producers were instantly attracted to.
    Atlanta is the perfect place for suburban-centered stories to be told, much like the story being told in Single Drunk Female, where Samantha is forced to leave the Big Apple behind to return to a small-town lifestyle with her mother. One of the notable Atlanta locations used in the show is at a gastropub called The Glenwood, which is located at 1263 Glenwood Ave.

    The sidewalks along Glenwood Avenue and Flat Shoals Avenue were also used for some important scenes, The Cinemaholic notes. Pure Upscale Hair Studio, located at 504 Flat Shoals Ave, serves as a backdrop for a handful of sequences as well. Thanks to intermittent traffic control during the daytime, it was easy for the production team to film scenes in the area without having to fully close down every single street.
    Since Season 1 of Single Drunk Female is already receiving a lot of positive feedback from critics and audiences, it’s very likely going to snag a second season. If so, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if the second season is also filmed in some of these same locations.

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