Where Is Home Town Flmed? Everything About 'Home Town' Cast and More

Lynne 2 month ago
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The Napiers' passion for their hometown is evident in every episode, and viewers are often inspired to learn more about the place where all this amazing renovation work is taking place.

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    HGTV's Home Town stands out from other home-renovation shows due to its focus on celebrating the culture of small-town America. Ben and Erin Napier, the show's stars, strive to restore and transform old homes in their community, using Ben's carpentry skills and Erin's artistic vision. The Napiers' passion for their hometown is evident in every episode, and viewers are often inspired to learn more about the place where all this amazing renovation work is taking place.

    #1. Where is Home Town filmed?

    Where Is Home Town Flmed

    Source: People 

    Erin and Ben, who met at Jones County Junior College in Ellisville, took on the challenge of transforming the historic district of Laurel, Mississippi, which has a population of less than 20,000 people. After they got married in 2008, they purchased a 1925 cottage in the town, which they renovated and documented the process on social media and Erin's blog. This caught the attention of an HGTV producer, and their home makeover was featured in a 2014 Southern Weddings spread. This ultimately led to the airing of the Home Town pilot two years later, in which the couple helped their clients find their dream homes.

    Of course, since the show first began in 2016, Laurel has made tremendous progress. Not only is there a tourism boom in the area, but the Napiers believe people are buying vacation houses in the area at lightning speed.

    "The second a house goes on the market, it gets snatched up," Erin told Pop Sugar in January, with Ben adding: "We've had visitors from New Zealand, Australia and Europe [to our shops]. People are coming from everywhere to see this little town that HGTV introduced them to."
    Since doing so much work in Laurel, Ben and Erin have gone on to help other small towns. In Home Town Takeover, the Napiers shift their focus to Wetumpka, Alabama. The town was reportedly chosen for the HGTV spinoff show after the series received 5,000 submissions representing 2,600 towns from across the country.
    As for Ben's Discovery+ show Home Town: Ben's Workshop, the beloved woodworker helps celebrity guests to work on various projects.

    #2. How many ‘Home Town’ Spinoffs are there? 

    Where Is Home Town Flmed

    Source: TODAY

    The success of Home Town in 2017 led to the creation of multiple spinoffs. Erin and Ben premiered Home Town Takeover in May 2021 with a project to renovate homes in Wetumpka, Alabama and followed it up with Home Town: Ben's Workshop in January 2021. Additionally, in April 2022, the duo took part in Home Town Kickstart, where other popular HGTV stars helped to give six small towns across the U.S. a major makeover.

    #3. What Is Erin and Ben Napier’s net worth?

    Where Is Home Town Flmed

    Source: Variety 

    Erin and Ben have attained a reported net worth of $5 million combined, as a result of their numerous ventures including their HGTV show, its subsequent spinoffs, as well as their successful online stores and Laurel-based storefronts.

    #4. Do Erin and Ben Napier own any businesses? 

    Where Is Home Town Flmed

    Source: People

    In addition to restoring homes in their area, Erin and Ben also opened two stores in the community: Laurel Mercantile Co. and Scotsman General Store. Both sell American-made goods, apparel and home decor. Ben’s brother Jesse and his wife, Lauren, also live and work in Laurel with their own framing business, Napier Frames. The couple had their home renovated during an April 2021 episode of Home Town before the birth of their daughter, Nell. 

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