Where Is 911 Lone Star Filmed? Every Filming Location Revealed

Lynne 2 month ago
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Although the series is set in Austin, the filming for ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ has been done in various other places. Find out all the locations where the series was filmed.

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    Ryan Murphy has become one of the most famous names in the television industry, having created huge hits like ‘American Horror Story’, ‘Glee’, and now ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’, a spin-off to ‘9-1-1’. This Fox original series stars Rob Lowe and is about a firefighter, Owen Strand, who relocates from New York City to Austin. He finds that things are very different in Austin and he has to adjust to a new lifestyle. Viewers watch Owen put out fires, save people, and also manage his own problems. Although the series is set in Austin, the filming for ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ has been done in various other places. Find out all the locations where the series was filmed.

    #1. Where Was 9-1-1: Lone Star Filmed?

    Where Is 911 Lone Star Filmed

    Unlike other procedurals, the Fox series '9-1-1: Lone Star' is not filmed in the same city where it is set. This was confirmed by Fox.The city in which Lowe’s character Owen Strand moves to after his stint in New York is Austin, Texas. But most of the scenes set in Austin were actually filmed in Los Angeles. Considering the fact that Austin has fast risen as a major hub for production of many films and TV shows, it is surprising that a series which is explicitly set in the city is not filmed there. Here is where it was filmed:

    Los Angeles, California

    Where Is 911 Lone Star Filmed

    Source: ATX Gossip

    The Austin Chronicle has stated that most of the series has been shot in Los Angeles. It remains unclear why Austin was not chosen by Fox as the filming destination, but it is likely that the network opted for its own headquarters' city due to convenience. Furthermore, the fact that Lowe and Tyler are frequently occupied with their acting careers may have also been a factor in the decision to shoot in Hollywood. Reportedly, Pico Boulevard and Wall Street were two of the primary locations utilized for filming.

    New York City, New York

    Where Is 911 Lone Star Filmed

    Source: TC

    The story of the series starts off in New York, and when it came to filming the parts of the story which are based in NYC, the producers decided to do so on in Manhattan. You can see Rob Lowe filming one of the scenes in New York below.

    Austin, Texas

    Where Is 911 Lone Star Filmed

    Source: IMDb

    Although majority of the filming was not done in Austin, some parts of the show, especially the exterior and panoramic shots, were filmed there. After all, it is impossible to pass off LA as Austin. It is common practice to fool audiences by showing some establishing shots of the city where the show is set and then move indoors to actually shoot the rest of the show someplace else. There is strong enough reason to believe that’s how ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ was shot as well. Did you get fooled too?

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    #2. Take a Tour of the Real-Life Locations that Inspired 911 Lone Star

    Where Is 911 Lone Star Filmed

    Source: ATX Gossip

    While some of the filming locations featured in 911 Lone Star are actual places in Texas, many of them are fictionalized versions of real-life locations. For example, the interior of the fictional firehouse seen in the show was inspired by a real-life fire station in Austin. Similarly, the exterior of the firehouse was based on a local police station.
    The show’s writers also drew inspiration from real-life locations when crafting the characters’ backstories. Several of the main characters’ homes can be seen throughout the series, and each one has been carefully chosen to reflect the character’s lifestyle and personality.
    Finally, the show’s production team also drew inspiration from the unique landscape of Texas. From the sweeping vistas of the Hill Country to the rugged terrain of West Texas, the show captures the beauty and diversity of the Lone Star State.

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