What Happened To Blake Sheltons Brother? Updated News

Doug 1 month ago
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What happened to Blake Sheltons brother? Blake Shelton has stated that he will not shed any tears during his final season of The Voice.

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    What happened to Blake Sheltons brother? Blake Shelton has stated that he will not shed any tears during his final season of The Voice; yet, the veteran coach did have an emotional moment with one of his team members on Monday's show. To assist singer NOIVAS in getting ready for the Playoff Round performance of "Come Together" by The Beatles, Blake accompanied NOIVAS in the rehearsal studio at the beginning of the round.

    NOIVAS said, "If I do say so myself, we're pretty good-looking for two tall guys," and he was right. In addition to this, we have both been through the pain of losing a brother or sister.

    What Happened To Blake Sheltons Brother?

    Source: The Voice

    NOIVAS shared with Blake the information that he was 21 years old when his brother and father, a physical therapist named Alfred, went away. In addition, Blake disclosed the fact that he was just 14 years old when his older brother Richie was murdered in an automobile accident.

    NOIVAS thought about his brother and said, "The last thing he told me was to just do me," which is what gave him the guts to pursue a career in music. NOIVAS was referring to the advice that his brother had given him before he passed away. To restate this statement in a another way, "It wasn't until I lost my brother that I started to become fearless."

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    He went on to explain that in regard to his own career journey, "My brother, he would have freaked out if he had known what I went on to do," He was the epitome of a music fanatic in every sense of the word. You were able to detect his arrival from a distance of six blocks away due to the blaring sound of his automobile. Which prompted me to respond, "That's nice, that your brother got to witness you do it," to which he responded, "That's cool, that your brother got to witness you do it."

    What Do Insiders Say?

    "I texted him," Kelly said to the audience. "I wanted to make sure I was there if he was going to do a final season," she added. "I wanted to make sure I was there." However, the host of the talk show assured her audience that her sentimental side would not prevent her from maintaining her fiercely competitive spirit.

    She expressed her support for Blake by saying, "If he wins, I will be very happy for him because that is super cool to win on the last season and he is literally the show, from the moment it was conceived." On the other hand, I can't say that I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he comes out on top. I'm rooting for him to win, but I also have my own goals in mind for this competition.

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