The Zoo's Parrots Enjoy Swearing At Visitors So Much That They Have To Be Separated

Dardarkom 2 month ago
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They don’t seem to be able to stop. As soon as one starts, they all join in.

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    Everyone understands that zoos are among the most popular places for children to visit. There are plenty of amazing sights to see, including lions, monkeys, bears, and elephants. However, some displays are more enjoyable than others. We at Dardarkom have prepared an amusing dose that will make you laugh.

    #1.  These Parrots Steal The Show.

    While most animals are cute and quiet as children pass by, there are times when these animals become unsuitable role models for small children.

    #2. Unfortunately, these birds are “bad apples”.

    #3. Five parrots were removed for swearing.


    A London zoo had to remove this riot of parrots because they were swearing at each other and setting a poor example for small children passing by. Does this seem a little harsh? So, just wait.

    Parrots that speak are cute and adorable at first. Swearing can also be entertaining, but this type of conduct is usually limited to a few occasions.
    What was once cute and funny has devolved into an all-out battle between these foul-mouthed birds. Listening to birds talk like humans can be a lot of fun, particularly for small children who are unaware that parrots can also speak if properly trained. However, when these birds began using foul language aimed at the guests, they lost their cuteness.

    #4. they cursed at guests.


    No one is safe from the potty-mouthed insults being hurled by these feathery foes. Some people find it funny to hear swearing from the birds, but this is definitely not a good thing when it comes to young guests. So, how did the zoo handle the ruckus?

    #5. The wildlife park took action.



    They did so in the only manner they knew how: by removing five of the perpetrators from public view. The wildlife park decided to separate the birds from each other and from the public exhibit after an evaluation and to save parents from having to reverse the effects of the excessive swearing they would hear.

    #6. They set each other off.

    They just can't stop themselves, so the park's management separated the birds so they wouldn't have to see each other and be enticed to start swearing in a blue streak again.

    #7. They weren’t always like this.

    Billy, Eric, Jade, Elsie, and Tyson arrived at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Centre and joined its colony of 200 gray parrots in August 2020. Soon enough, they showed their liking for speaking the not-so-good language. 

    “We are quite used to parrots swearing, but we’ve never had five at the same time,” the zoo’s chief executive, Steve Nichols, shared. “Most parrots clam up outside, but for some reason these five relish it.”

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