The Village Of Lovely Mice In The Garden

Marlene 1 month ago
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If you found out that there was a family of wild mice living in your garden, what would you do?

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    What would you do if you discovered a family of wild mice living in your garden? Some would scream, call an exterminator, or simply ignore the mice, but not Simon Dell. Simon, a wildlife photographer from the United Kingdom, viewed these mice in his yard as an opportunity to capture them on film.Scroll down to the reading to see some of Simon's breathtaking images. These mice clearly have very good hosts. They are also really photogenic.

    #1. How It All Began?

    mouse village

    Source: Facebook

    Simon Dell was photographing wild birds in his garden one day when he observed something small moving about in the grass. When he pointed his camera at the movement, he was surprised to see a very cute little mouse looking back up at him. Simon described the mouse as standing up like a meerkat. The mouse was cute, and it didn't flee when Simon began photographing it. He seems to enjoy having his photo taken.

    #2. Their Journey Together Had Just Started.

    little mouse

    Source: Facebook

    That first set of photographs was just the beginning of Simon's mousey adventures. As soon as that mouse started very calmly eating those peanuts, Simon knew that wild mice would become a big feature in his photography. 

    "It was at that point I thought I would give the little mouse a shelter and safe place to hide and feed," Simon explained. Simon started to develop a sort of friendship with the mice in his garden.

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    #3. More Than One Mouse.

    garden mouse

    Source: Facebook

    Stuart may have been the first mouse that Simon encountered (named after Stuart Little, of course), but he wasn't the only mouse. 

    "He was once a single mouse," Simon explained, "but he left at the start of spring 2018, maybe to find a mate. Hoping he comes back this winter and maybe he could get to know the new mice in the garden." Stuart has gone on his merry way, but Simon has been able to make a lot of new mousey friends. 

    #4. Creating A Beautiful Habitat.

    wild mouse

    Source: Facebook

    Simon felt protective of these critters now that George and his wife had chosen Simon's garden as their new home. 

    "I decided to build them a home as I wanted to give them a safe place in the garden and not fall prey to cats or other animals," Simon explained. "Also, as I was feeding the mice, it was the right thing to do as I would feel it was my fault getting them to come out if they became prey. Being a wildlife photographer, I wanted to create a nice-looking habitat for any pictures I would take."

    #5. Simon Grew Close To His New Friends.

    mouse village

    Source: Facebook

    As Simon spent more time making structures for his mice, he grew closer to these charming animals. He felt that George's girlfriend needed a name as well, so he named her Mildred.

    "I added more space and made it ready for a cold winter, giving the mice the best chance possible to survive. I have counted around 5 or more mice and the female, Mildred, is looking pregnant so hoping we will have a large litter of baby mice around Christmas," Simon explained. Can you imagine all of those mouse babies running around this little village!

    #6. What The Mice Eat.

    mouse eat

    Source: Facebook

    Simon spends a lot of time building shelters for the mice in his garden, but his kindness doesn't stop there. He also gives his mice plenty of food. So what do they eat?

    "The food I give them is usually all-natural," Simon says. "I pick or collect berries, nuts, and fruits that grow wild just over the road in the Shire Brook Valley Local Nature Reserve. I also give them the same mix of seeds that I put on the bird tables along with sunflower seeds and other hazel or walnuts. As a treat, I give them a couple of dry mealworms and some suet pellets but do try and stick to natural, healthy food."

    #7. A Very Mouse-y Christmas.

    adorable mouse

    Source: Facebook

    Simon decorates his mouse village for each season. In the winter, he hangs stockings and gives the mice small Christmas gifts. He fashions Christmas trees out of pine cones and gives festive red berries to the mice.

    "The mice are still here and living a very happy life," Simon reported. "It is winter now, so the days are shorter and they come out less often. Once it gets dark, it can be hard to see them." Simon regularly posts photos of George, Mildred, and their mouse family on his Facebook page.

    What do you think about this small village of mice? The village is exactly like in real life fairy tales. Fortunately, the mice have a good owner. Dardarkcom is dedicated to providing you with a wide range of creative and interesting news. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to keep updated on the latest news.



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