The Special Weight Loss Journey Of The Cat Who Has A Terrible Weight Compared To His Kind

Marlene 3 week ago
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Cats, like any other animal, can get overweight due to overfeeding, lack of exercise, or simply genetics. It can shorten a cat’s lifespan and increases the risk of developing diseases.

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    Cats, like any other animal, can become overweight as a result of overfeeding, inactivity, or just genetics. It can reduce a cat's lifespan and raise the likelihood of disease development.  Patches arrived at Richmond Animal Care and Control weighing a whopping 40.3 pounds. The shelter posted a photo of this lovely kitten on Facebook less than a day after he arrived.

    Patches was soon matched with a new owner who is determined to providing him with a specific diet and exercise program. Patches' new mother, Kay Ford, needed the assistance of a second person to take Patches' cage out of the facility. Patches was promised a social media account so that his admirers could follow his weight loss journey, so if you're interested, follow Patches' Journey. Scroll down to see more details about Patches' Journey.

    #1. Meet Patches, A 40.3-Pound Cat.

    weight loss cat

    Source: RACC shelter

    Kay, the current owner, to hear more about their side of the tale. We were curious as to how Kay got upon Patches. "My daughter texted me with the RACC post about Patches," she explained. I moved swiftly because I knew there would be a lot of interest in him. After about an hour, I received a response inviting me to a meet and greet. I sat down with him and realized that if they chose me, I could assist and provide him with the greatest home possible! Then they agreed! But I was worried about two things: would my other cat, Wellesley, be okay with it - he was after a few days - and would I be picked - I was!"

    #2. Patches Had Been Residing At The Richmond Animal Care And Control Shelter In Virginia.

    Patches, A 40.3-Pound Cat

    Source: RACC shelter

    #3. After A Photo Of Patches Went Viral, He Was Soon Adopted.

    Patches Was Adopted

    Source: RACC shelter

    Patches is now sharing a home with two other pets, a cat and a dog. We were curious as to how Patches was welcomed into the family. "Bella, a 13-year-old Yorkie, was unfazed and happy to welcome a new life form," Kay wrote. She is smitten by everyone and everything! For a few days, Wellesley hissed and kept his distance, then began to warm up, then accepted, and today they're friends!"

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    #4. Patches’ Excess Weight Was Not Healthy For Him.

    Patches’ Excess Weight

    Source: Patches’ Journey

    Since Patches needs to lose excess weight, we asked Kay to share his weight loss plan. Patches’ plan is most likely not the same plan your vet would recommend for your fur baby. Consult with your vet on your pet’s specific needs, and do not use the Patches plan without consulting with your veterinarian,” highlighted Kay.

    cat lovers

    Source: Patches’ Journey

    #5. He's Been Put On A Particular Diet And Workout Plan To Help Him Lose Those Excess Pounds.

    big cats

    Source: Patches’ Journey

    Kay wrote a detailed plan for Patches: “Food: To my surprise, Dr. Meaghan (Wellesley Animal Hospital) did not put Patches on prescription food. That may change depending on how successful we are with regular food. I did receive a list of 4 brands and varieties of good high-quality canned food from which to choose to integrate into his diet. We are going for an all-wet food diet. No gravy (if humans ate gravy with every meal we’d not be in very good shape collectively – the same goes for cats). The broth is ok, no gravy.  At RACC he enjoyed the shreds but not pate. I am integrating a tiny bit at a time of pate with his shreds and reducing the shreds as I increase the pate. Cats are notorious for not getting enough hydration from their water bowl alone, so wet food is a must. He does love his kibble, so I am reducing that amount and have been approved, as we reduced the amount of kibble, to get to a point where he just has a bit sprinkled on his wet food. I will not be sharing or disclosing brands as we have not landed on the one yet that he has fully taken to. He is NOT a voracious eater. No vacuum cleaner eater is Patches! So he eats a little bit at a time several times throughout the day.”

    The Journey Of Patches

    Source: Patches’ Journey

    “Exercise: Patches is a cat, and no cat I know is going to embrace an exercise ‘routine’. We play… dedicated play for 10 minutes at a time about 4 times a day minimum. More? All the better. Walking is a strain on his joints. We want him to walk, but I’m not forcing it. He moves around and plays with Wellesley (who provides a great source of exercise through play) a lot more at night, my ‘little’ night owl. A wonderful Facebook follower has donated a cat wheel. We are thrilled. He won’t be up to it for a while, but in the meantime, I bet Wellesley will be a master at it, as his zoomies are legendary! Another wonderful Facebook follower sent a great inclined cat scratcher, complete with catnip that had Patches’ full attention at 3:30 am this morning. We are so, so grateful for the generosity.”

    cat breeds

    Source: Patches’ Journey

    “I will go into more detail about the following later, but a company reached out to offer Patches a cat scale and the support of an app for electronic monitoring of his weight and nutrition. A blessing so that Patches won’t experience the stress of going back and forth across Richmond every week for a weigh-in. I can’t wait to go into more detail about this once everything is set up and in place.” “So, there you have it… That’s our plan. It could change, but it’s the starting line. I will, of course, be disclosing his weight every week.”

    #6. His Story Serve As A Reminder To All Pet Owners.

    The Journey Of Patches

    Source: Patches’ Journey

    Kay decided to share Patches’ weight loss journey with others by creating a Facebook page. We asked Kay what inspired her to do so. She shared: “People needed to be informed of his progress. I knew they would be grateful to know he was ok. It has blossomed into so much more.”

    #7. We Wish Patches All The Best In His Weight Loss Journey.

    The Journey Of Patches

    Source: Patches’ Journey

    Lastly, Kay added: “I ask you to support your local animal shelter in any way you can. They need our support. The beautiful creatures they nurture and protect need our support. They only know how to love unconditionally. I don’t know anywhere else you can find THAT precious gift!”

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