Netflix The Mother Ending Fully Explained: Who Will Survive?

Lynne 3 week ago
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Throughout the movie, the audience is kept on the edge of their seats, and the ending holds some crucial revelations. Here is the movie ending explanation.

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    Jennifer Lopez has proven her ability to draw crowds with her action-packed performance in "The Mother," which quickly soared to the top of Netflix's most-watched list since its release. The film follows a former assassin, known only as The Mother, who resurfaces to protect her long-lost daughter, Zoe, from kidnappers and dangerous arms dealers. Throughout the movie, the audience is kept on the edge of their seats, and the ending holds some crucial revelations. Be warned, spoilers lie ahead.

    #1. What is Netflix 'The Mother' about?

    The Mother Ending Explained

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    In the climactic scenes, The Mother successfully rescues Zoe from one of the kidnappers, Alvarez, only to face another threat when Lovell, a former lover and potential father of Zoe, resurfaces. Lovell crashes into the car carrying Zoe and an FBI agent, killing the agent and taking Zoe hostage. The Mother manages to rescue Zoe once again and takes her to a secluded cabin in the Alaskan woods, where she trains her daughter in survival skills.

    The Mother Ending Explained

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    However, their safety is compromised when Zoe's innocent act of revealing her real name at a health clinic exposes their location to Lovell through computer records. To protect Zoe, The Mother decides to leave her with a trusted friend, Jons, while she waits for Lovell's attack at the cabin. Zoe, being curious, discovers photos of herself and a letter from The Mother expressing her commitment to protecting her at all costs.

    Driven by love and determination, Zoe steals Jons' truck and returns to the cabin, where a confrontation with Lovell and his armed companions awaits. The Mother has strategically set mines around the forest, causing chaos among the assailants. Zoe eventually shoots at her fighting mother and Lovell, injuring both. In the end, The Mother wakes up and eliminates Lovell, saving Zoe once again.

    #2. 'The Mother' ending explained

    The Mother Ending Explained

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    With all the adversaries eliminated, The Mother decides to return Zoe to her adoptive parents, acknowledging their deep love for each other. The final scene depicts The Mother in a new apartment, no longer in hiding, observing Zoe playing in the park. She wears a friendship bracelet made by Zoe, symbolizing their enduring bond.

    While the film does not definitively reveal Zoe's biological father, director Niki Caro emphasizes that the focus lies on The Mother's role as a protector rather than the identity of the father. Caro explains that the line where The Mother says, "She's not Adrian's, she's not Hector's, she's mine," highlights the significance of maternity and The Mother's responsibility for safeguarding Zoe's life. Caro further elaborates on the final scene, stating that The Mother will always be there as Zoe's guardian. The presence of the friendship bracelet indicates an ongoing relationship between them, assuring viewers of their strong connection.

    "The Mother" provides a thrilling and emotionally charged story, culminating in an ending that highlights the mother-daughter relationship and the importance of maternal protection. While the identity of Zoe's father remains unknown, the film's focus on The Mother's unwavering commitment to her daughter leaves a lasting impression on audiences.

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