Sweet Tooth Season 2 Finale Recap: Who Died?

Marlene 1 month ago
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Jepperd, Gus, and Aimee are weary of jogging in Sweet Tooth Season 2 Finale. To put a stop to General Abbot's reign of terror once and for all, the group plans to entice him and his troops to Pubba's home for a last battle. But let's go over e

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    The Sweet Tooth Season 2 finale sure had a lot of death for a show aimed at kids, didn't it? The family-friendly fantasy series follows Gus (Christian Convery), a human-deer hybrid who was born at one of the most catastrophic times in history. Ten years before the series, a mysterious virus appeared, whipping out 98% of the globe’s population and throwing society into the Great Crumble, an era of debilitating chaos. As the Great Crumble destroyed the world as we knew it, something unexplainable also happened — the birth of human-animal hybrid babies like Gus. 

    #1. Sweet Tooth Season 2 Finale Recap

    Sweet Tooth Season 2 Finale

    Source: Netflix

    Johnny has had enough of his brother's evil deeds after the Animal Army was now massacred by Abbot's troops. He gathers his belongings and makes a break for it, but Abbot stops him. Johnny is once more too cowardly to defend himself (and the hybrids, too) from harm.

    Gus informs Aimee and Big Man that he intends to stay and defend his home while they strategize their next course of action. But Big Man asserts that he must follow their instructions. "Whenever have I not listened to you?" Asks Sweet Tooth. Jepperd answers with a smile, "Really, every time. He has you covered, kid.

    As she only has a short amount of time left, Aimee informs Bear that it is her turn to keep an eye on the hybrids. Wendy finds it difficult to even consider leaving her foster mother. Gus gives Wendy Dog to travel with, and as the other kids get ready to leave, the hybrid children flee with Becky as their defender.


    Sweet Tooth Season 2 Finale Recap

    Source: Netflix

    Setting up shop and devising a strategy are Gus, Jepp, and Aimee. Afterward, they start a fire to entice the bad guys inside. Johnny pulls a gun on his brother before Abbot and his crew enter the woods. He commands him to release the children. He yells, "It's over and everyone can see it but you". When Johnny pulls the trigger, the chamber is empty despite Abbott's monologue about succeeding and other related bad-guy nonsense. Abbot gives him a hug and tells him that he is free to leave. Just a few seconds after chastising Johnny for pulling a gun on him behind his back, Abbot kills his brother by shooting him as Johnny turns to leave. 

    As the Last Men enter the woods, Jepp, Aimee, and Gus begin eliminating them one by one with a barrage of booby traps and weapons worthy of Home Alone. Wendy wants to return and fight while the hybrids escape on a gondola with the aid of some pals. Bear claims she can't, but everyone is aware of where this is going. Wendy boards the gondola but quickly makes a break for it and jumps out just in time.

    When Abbot and Jepp do finally come face to face, Jepp begins punching the general in the face after realizing they are both unarmed. The last thing Abbott should have said to (the Very, Very) Big Man was that protecting the children wouldn't bring his family back. Abbot claims that when he was working for the general, the Last Men discovered Jepp's family at his home. He mocks, "They died waiting for you to come home." Abbot responds, "Maybe, Maybe Not," before slamming Jepp's injured knee after Jepp informs him he's lying. He then descends!


    Sweet Tooth Season 2 Finale Recap

    Source: Netflix

    Aimee adds, "Time for Plan B," as she hides Gus in the trap door inside the cabin. A Last (Wo)Man temporarily has Wendy in his possession, but Bear is there to kill the woman. During the altercation, she drops a locket and commands Wendy to open it. It shows the sisters when they were young, and Bear finally admits that they are related. Bear promises her, "I'm never letting anyone take you from me again." Wendy simply turns and leaves, bewildered.

    Aimee opens fire as Abbot approaches the cabin. Sadly, she's not the best candidate. After a struggle, Aimee stabs him with two syringes filled with the virus that Pubba had hidden away after he crashes through the front door. But she also spills the medication vial. Abbot follows closely behind with the gun as Gus frees himself, grabs the vial, and flees out the door. Fortunately, he makes one of his shots. Big Man shows up just as Abbot is about to shoot Gus once more. When Abbott changes his direction, Gus cries, "Nooooo!" A stampede of bison rips through the woods as a result of his voice resonating throughout the area. While stampeding around the hybrid boy, they trample Abbot to death (or so we believe).

    #2. But who did not survive?

    Sweet Tooth Season 2 Finale

    Source: Netflix

    Abbot shoots Gus in the back with an arrow as he attempts to reclaim the vial with the last of his life. As Sweet Tooth bleeds out and the screen turns white, Abbott finally passes away.

    Aimee, who has passed away from the virus, is the subject of Jepperd and the kids' burial service, not Gus (phew!). Gus is still alive and healing in bed when we return inside the cabin. Bear observes that Gus made one of his homemade books over an Alaskan map as Wendy reads it. Gus makes his way to a cave through the snow. In front of him, a fire starts to burn, and a woman comes into view. Help me is said by a Birdie who is almost completely frozen. It's a fantasy. Gus awakens. When Big Man and Bear claim to know where Birdie is, the three of them and Wendy make the decision to travel up north to the 49th state of the union in search of Gus' mother.

    Singh rides up to the cabin after the four of them take off. He discovers the map, indicating that he will probably follow their lead.

    We see Helen Zhang (from Episode 5) once more in the episode's tag when her henchman informs her of Abbot's death. In the zoo's wreckage, they discovered one of Singh's recordings but not the cure. She gives them the task of transcribing it before giving some frightening-sounding creatures in a cage raw meat to eat. She says, "I'm just going to have to handle this myself." And a brand-new Big Bad emerges!

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