Stream or Skip? Workin Moms Season 7 Review: Worth Watching or Not

Lynne 1 month ago
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TV Series Workin Mom Season 7 has just come out. Here is Workin' Moms season 7 review: Should you watch it or not?

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    The hit Canadian show Workin' Moms, created and directed by Catherine Reitman and co-starring her husband Philip Sternberg (who plays her on-screen husband Nathan), concluded its seven-season run with a heartwarming finale on Netflix. This final installment contained all the show's signature elements like a supportive sisterhood, challenges for working women, and the unique perspective of motherhood. It was the perfect way for the series to say goodbye to its fans. Season 7 has just come out. Here is Workin' Moms season 7 review: Should you watch it or not?

    #1. Workin' Moms season 7: Should watch or not?

    Workin Moms Season 7 Review

    Source: TV Line

    Running for more than six years now, it is quite difficult for any show to hold on to its charm, especially after it crosses five seasons. But despite not being the greatest show on the planet of its time, Workin' Moms did very well to hold on to both the drama and the thematic relevance for over 83 episodes in its long and distinguished run. In essence, Workin' Moms season 7's biggest win lies in never losing touch with its roots.
    The seventh season of the show began with resolving the biggest cliffhanger in the show's history. Anne (Dani Kind) was hit by a car at the end of the sixth season, leaving fans waiting for a resolution. This season began by showing how Anne survived and started acting funny after the accident. The first episode was quite adept at turning this serious situation into something comical.
    It soon diverged into showing the lives of the other moms, with Kate (Catherine Reitman) dealing with a successful but suspicious client, Jenny (Jessalyn Wanlim) struggling with no job, and Sloane (Enuka Okuma) struggling to balance her personal and professional lives.

    Workin Moms Season 7 Review

    Source: Variety

    As the multiple intertwined plotlines progressed, the series delved slowly and intimately into each character and their resolves as they learned to laugh and love amid the chaos of everyday life. It also featured the signature discussions of the women multiple times, shedding light on the struggles that plague them and the solutions they create for themselves.
    The relatability was one of the main reasons for the show's responding popularity and it did not change in the final season. This was aided by the fact that the final season also explores some of the reasons behind each of the women's decisions and their life choices.
    The final season of Workin' Moms also took time to reflect on each character and their journeys, despite how uneven or unconventional they may be. It ended with a powerful statement about growth by showcasing how progress is not unidirectional.
    The final episode ended on a positive note with little left to be desired from the series. In the end, it did not end up becoming the perfect series, much like its imperfect characters, but it resonated with the viewers till the final minute.

    #2. Why does Alice decide not to go to Australia?

    Workin Moms Season 7 Review

    Source: Parade

    Alice tells her mother, Anne, that she is not going to Australia. Anne is surprised to see her daughter change her decision and surprisingly doesn’t feel great about it.
    Following this, Anne meets Alice’s boyfriend, Seamus, to gain an understanding of what’s going on with her daughter. Seamus reveals they broke up after he decided not to go to Australia. That’s the reason Alice chose not to go to Australia.
    Anne rebooks her daughter’s flights to Australia and packs her bags. She wants her daughter to have experiences and not rely on a boy. At first, Alice is reluctant, but then she agrees.

    #3. Does Sloane pick work life or family life?

    Workin Moms Season 7 Review

    Source: Variety

    Sloane’s work life is taking a toll. She wants to spend more time with her family. She feels she is missing out. Sloane decides to use her maternity leave and tells a major client of her decision. She feels taking on a new priority is brave.


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