Six Biggest Story Reveals And Waystar Twists From Succession Season 4 Episode 6 Is More Realistic Than You Would Think

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Here are the six biggest story reveals and Waystar Royco twists from Succession season 4 episode 6.

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    Here are the six biggest story reveals and Waystar Royco twists from Succession season 4 episode 6. The first half of Succession season 4 has already been a wild ride, with the show already dropping all kinds of bombshells in the first half of its final season. However, things only get more thrilling in Succession Season 4, episode 6, as the episode significantly alters the course of the show.

    #1. Kendall Presents Life Plus To Drive Up WayStar's Share Price & Kill The Matsson Deal

    story reveals and Waystar Royco twists from Succession seaso

    Source:  Vulture

    The primary conflict in Succession season 4, episode 6 is on Life Plus, a brand-new real estate project that Waystar Royco is in charge of. Kendall describes Life Plus as combining safety, entertainment, and health, overhyping the new venture to the point where it is obviously impossible. Life Plus is intended to boost the share price of Waystar Royco rather than actually launch the product. The company is in the midst of being bought out by GoJo CEO Lukas Matsson, something that Kendall wants out of. Kendall expects that by launching Life Plus, the stock price would increase and Matsson will withdraw, ending the agreement.

    Shiv is informed by Lukas Matsson that he is not interested in real estate development since he sees it right through Kendall's scheme. Even though the effects of Waystar Royco's stock are yet uncertain, Kendall nevertheless goes through with it. Kendall's plan is obviously having an adverse effect on Waystar, as it has the potential to cause significant harm in the future. Kendall causes tension inside the company by lying about his father's wishes and inflating financial expectations to the point where they are nearly impossible to meet. Kendall is blind to the impending calamity that Waystar Royco faces.

    #2. Shiv Sleeps With Tom & Is Torn Between Him And Matsson

    story reveals and Waystar Royco twists from Succession seaso

    Source:  Vulture

    Since Tom's big betrayal in Season 3 of Succession, Shiv and Tom's relationship has been struggling, but things now appear to be improving. In Succession season 4, episode 6, the couple actually shared a bed, which hasn't happened in a while. The two are incredibly flirty and seem to be getting their relationship back on track, but there is one problem: Lukas Matsson. Since Succession season 4, episode 5, Shiv and Matsson have been becoming closer, which causes Shiv divided between the two. Shiv has strong romantic and business reasons to go with either Tom or Matsson, and these factors will continue to influence Succession's destiny.

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    #3. Roman Fires Joy & Gerri But Wants To Walk It Back

    story reveals and Waystar Royco twists from Succession seaso

    Source:  Vulture

    Roman makes several significant moves in Succession season 4, episode 6, as the power of the co-CEO role is starting to get to him. Roman's first move is to terminate Joy, one of the executives at Waystar Studios, the company's division for movies and television. After Joy learns of the firing, it quickly turns disastrous, and she decides to seek legal counsel. Things only get worse though when Gerri starts getting on to Roman for firing Joy, causing Roman to fire Gerri in retaliation. Later, Roman requests that Kendall reverses these firings, but Kendall declines and actually supports the concept that the new co-CEOs should eliminate the senior management posts.

    #4. Matsson's Tweet Jeopardizes The WayStar Deal & His Reputation

    story reveals and Waystar Royco twists from Succession seaso

    Source:  Vulture

    Kendall's Life Plus is welcomed with a surprisingly enthusiastic greeting during the investor day meeting, despite the fact that it is obviously a bad idea. Things swiftly deteriorate, though, when Hugo sees Lukas Matsson's tweet in response to the announcement. Matsson captioned a promotional image of Life Plus with the phrase "Doderick Macht Frei," which was taken from the sign on the gate leading into the Auschwitz I concentration camp.

    It seems as if Matsson was trying to jokingly compare Waystar Royco's company towns to concentration camps, but this Tweet went over horrendously. The Waystar-GoJo agreement and Lukas Matsson's reputation were both likely to be harmed by the Tweet, which Kendall quickly blasted from the stage. Matsson took the Tweet down after only a few minutes, meaning he knew that it was a bad idea right after it happened. It's expected that the fallout from this incident will play into Succession Season 4, episode 7, exploring Lukas Matsson's damage control.

    #5. Logan Roy Returns In Succession Season 4 Episode 6

    story reveals and Waystar Royco twists from Succession seaso

    Source:  Vulture

    Despite the fact that Logan Roy passed away in episode 3, the character actually makes a shocking comeback in Succession season 4, episode 6. The beginning of the episode sees the Waystar team going through some archival footage of Logan while prepping for the investor day meeting. Later in the episode, it is revealed that Kendall secretly engrained this footage into his presentation, using edited clips of Logan to advertise Living Plus. Shiv, Roman, and the rest of the Waystar staff found it to be really offensive, despite the fact that the audience appeared to enjoy it, thus Kendall will certainly encounter some reaction. 

    #6. What Succession Season 4, Episode 6 Means For The Show's Future

    story reveals and Waystar Royco twists from Succession seaso

    Source:  Vulture

    Succession season 4, episode 6 may not appear to be as critical as earlier episodes, but it truly alters the course of the drama. The effects of the investor day meeting and Lukas Matsson's Tweet may not only negatively affect Waystar Royco and the GoJo deal. The dismissal of Joy and Gerri as well as Kendall's latest spat with Karl, Waystar Royco's CFO, won't help matters at all.

    A split amongst the three Roy siblings is also beginning to develop as a result of the problems at Waystar. Kendall, Roman, and Shiv are now at odds with one another over the decision to scrap the contract, intensifying their already tight power struggle. Kendall and Roman's attempts to implement their father's method of management are only making things worse, with the Roy siblings potentially bringing down Logan Roy's empire by the end of Succession season 4.

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