Scream 6 Ending: Fully Explained: Who Was The Real Ghostface?

Lynne 1 month ago
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The thriller and horror are executed well, staying true to the franchise's style, while maintaining the humor and self-awareness that the series is known for. The movie ending left us with more questions than answers.

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    The sixth installment of the slasher horror franchise "Scream" has lived up to its promise of being bigger, scarier, and bloodier. The plot follows the four survivors of the Woodsboro attacks from "Scream (2022)", now living in New York City, where a series of murders and Ghostface masks have left behind a bone-chilling mystery. The thriller and horror are executed well, staying true to the franchise's style, while maintaining the humor and self-awareness that the series is known for. The movie ending left us with more questions than answers.

    #1. How Does The Group Try To Bring Down Ghostface?

    Scream 6 ending explain

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    The entire situation takes a dramatic turn when Ghostface infiltrates Sam and Tara's apartment and begins a series of violent attacks. At the time, the seven occupants were Sam, Tara, Chad, Mindy, Quinn, Anika, and Ethan (who had been away at extra classes). Quinn's date is the first to be killed, and Ghostface then moves on to her room to murder her. The four friends then attempt to flee the apartment, with Chad and Tara making it out, while Sam and Mindy are helped out by their neighbor-boyfriend Danny. Sadly, Anika is unable to escape and is killed, leaving only four Woodsboro survivors and Ethan alive.

    Detective Wayne is horrified to discover that his own daughter has been killed, so his department removes him from the case. He refuses to accept this, and instead decides to continue the investigation himself in order to get revenge for the loss of both his children. Gale Weathers, the familiar journalist who had written the book about the Woodsboro incident, returns to cover the new murders in NYC. Sam and Tara are angry with her for writing the book despite their request not to, and Sam believes Gale is responsible for the hate she receives online. Gale leads the group to an abandoned theater owned by Jason and Greg, the two Ghostface impersonators, who had turned the space into a shrine full of costumes, weapons, and mementos from the victims. Sam finds her father's items on display, and Billy appears to her again, like in Scream (2022), urging her to pick up the knife and go on a killing spree.

    Scream 6 ending explain

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    The group soon comes up with a plan to track Ghostface’s call to Sam, but as it turns out, the murderer is already thinking ahead of them, and he now goes to Gale’s apartment. Here, Ghostface kills the reporter’s current boyfriend before attempting to kill her too. She is ultimately saved when Sam and Tara rush to the place, and Gale is taken to the hospital.

    Unwilling to play by Ghostface’s rules anymore, Sam and Tara decide to create a trap for the murderer, and they decide the shrine at the theater is the best place to do so. However, on the way to the place, the group of friends gets separated, with Sam, Tara, and Chad sticking together while Mindy and Ethan have to take the next train. Mindy is now also attacked by one of the many figures wearing the Ghostface mask on the subway train because of Halloween festivities, and Ethan has to take her to the hospital.

    Ultimately, it is only Sam, Tara, and Chad who enter the abandoned theater, and they meet with FBI agent Kirby Reed, who assures them that the plan is going to work. However, Sam receives a call from Wayne Bailey just then, who informs the woman that she cannot trust Kirby since the FBI apparently dismissed the agent after she went through severe mental breakdowns after the last Woodsboro killings. Within a few minutes, a ghostly figure leaps out to attack Tara and Chad, and Sam believes it to be Kirby Reed.

    #2. ‘Scream 6’ Ending Explained: What Happens To Sam Carpenter?

    Scream 6 ending explain

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    Chad manages to avoid the attack, only for a second Ghostface to appear and stab him. This is not unexpected, as almost every installment of the "Scream" franchise has two perpetrators. However, "Scream 6" throws in a surprise when it is revealed that there are not two, but three Ghostface figures. These are NYPD detective Wayne Bailey, his daughter Quinn Bailey, and Chad's roommate Ethan Landry. Wayne explains that Ethan is his youngest son, and the eldest son, who had been killed, was actually Richie Kirsch. Sam Carpenter killed Richie to protect her sister and punish him for the murders and since then, Wayne and his family have been seeking revenge on Sam and Tara. Wayne believed Sam to be evil and refused to accept that his son's fascination with the Ghostface icon was wrong.

    The shrine to Ghostface was made with items belonging to Richie and these were collected by him and his father. Wayne faked the rental papers of the theater to avoid suspicion from his family. This is why FBI agent Kirby Reed could not find records of it in Jason and Greg's financial records. Wayne also faked Quinn's death and was the first detective to report at the scene.

    Scream 6 ending explain

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    Wayne, along with his two children, Quinn and Ethan, wanted revenge for their son and brother and to make Sam look responsible. Quinn started an online rumor about Sam causing Richie to commit the murders, and it gained a following. Jason and Greg then killed their professor to avenge Richie, prompting Wayne to step in and come up with a plan to cast Sam in a bad light. He planted her ID at the crime scene and ordered her to wear the Ghostface costume and mask before killing her. His plan was to make it look like Sam was the Ghostface, and he was the one who had to take her down in order to stop her. Ultimately, Sam had to wear the costume and mask of her father, the original Ghostface, and use his knife to defeat Wayne. Quinn and Ethan were killed by Tara and Kirby, while Chad and Mindy, as well as Gale Weathers and FBI agent Kirby Reed, survived.

    “Scream 6” ends with the idea of her father’s legacy intact in Sam Carpenter’s mind, as she finally seems confident in the fact that even though her father was a murderer, she is a better person than he ever was. Sam does use the same legacy of being related to Ghostface, but she does so in order to save herself and her sister. Although Sam ultimately throws away her father’s mask, it seems like she will not hesitate to pick it up again if a similar need to protect her close ones arises in the future. “Scream 6” also presents a very short post-credit scene, in which Mindy just hilariously comments on the post-credit scene culture while telling the audience that not every movie needs to have it.

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