Royal Crackers Season 1: Cast List, Release Date and Plot

Lynne 2 month ago
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This weekend sees Adult Swim premiering its newest animated original program. Here is everything you can catch up on about the series

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    Royal Crackers has already announced that Season 2 is now in production with Adult Swim, and the cast behind the series is definitely exciting for Season 1 to hit Adult Swim and HBO Max this Spring! This weekend sees Adult Swim premiering its newest animated original program, and it's already standing out in some big ways from many of the other new offerings we have seen in action. Not only is Royal Crackers a full half-hour comedy, but the cast of characters has a lot of love for one another buried underneath all of the jokes they fling at each other. 

    #1. Royal Crackers release date

    Royal Crackers Season 1 cast

    Source: The US sun

    Royal Crackers will be premiering with Adult Swim this Sunday, April 2nd, and recently got the chance to speak with three central members of the cast filling out the Hornsby estate as they show off a whole new take on Succession. Jessica St. Clair (the voice behind Deb), David Gborie (the voice behind Darby), and Maile Flanagan (the voice behind Matt) spoke about recording Season 1 during the pandemic, some of their characters' wildest moments, joining the Adult Swim line up, and more. 
    Read on for our full interview with the central cast of Royal Crackers below, and let us know what you're looking forward to see the most in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter! will allow you to access HBO Max and stream the show as if you were located in the US.

    #2. Royal Crackers plot

    Royal Crackers Season 1 cast

    Source: The US sun

    Royal Crackers is a drama series that revolves around the decline of a once-thriving snack empire. The founder, who ruled the business with an iron fist, falls into a ‘super coma’, leaving his family to step in and use their limited skills to try to salvage the company. It is the story of a snack empire that once reigned supreme but is now on the brink of collapse. With Theodore Hornsby Sr. in a coma, the rest of the Hornsby family strives to restore Royal Crackers to its former glory. The Hornsby family’s wealth has dwindled like many affluent American families in history. 

    #3. Where to watch Royal Crackers in the UK?

    Royal Crackers Season 1 cast

    Source: Distractify

    Royal Crackers is not currently available to watch in the UK. However, it can be streamed on HBO Max, which is not available in the UK due to regional restrictions. To watch Royal Crackers on HBO Max in the UK, you will need to use a VPN to change your location to the US. This

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    #4. Royal Crackers cast – Voice Actors

    Royal Crackers Season 1 cast

    Source: Netflix Life

    • Jason Ruiz as Stebe
    • Andrew Santino as Theo
    • David Gborie as Darby
    • Fred Tatasciore as Al
    • Jessica St. Clair as Deb
    • Maile Flanagan as Matt
    • Stephanie Sheh as Rachel
    • Debra Wilson as Clair Bailey

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