Queen Charlotte Finale: I Am Not Crying, You Are! Queen Charlotte Ending Explained

Marlene 1 month ago
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Major changes to both The Bridgerton timelines in the short series Queen Charlotte were shown. Our post will have Queen Charlotte Ending Explained!

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    As young Queen Charlotte (India Amarteifio) and young King George (Corey Mylchreest) start on their love journey, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton story will almost always have you weeping. However, the finale's closing scene is more likely to make you cry than make your cheeks flush. Let's have Queen Charlotte Ending explained!


    #1. Queen Charlotte Ending Explained: Reasons for Queen Charlotte and King George to live apart

    Queen Charlotte Ending Explained

    Source: Netflix

    King George and Queen Charlotte's relationship was extremely devoted, as the Queen Charlotte finale highlights. The couple does, in fact, live apart in the Regency era, as they did during the difficult early days of their marriage, as shown in the episode's last scene. The queen resides at Buckingham House, while the king is at Kew. 

    There is still affection between them despite the distance. Instead, this arrangement gives the royal couple the "very best half" of a life together by enabling them to enjoy their marriage despite King George's medical issues. Or, to use Rosheuvel's phrase, the physical distance enables King George to manage his difficulties. 

    They are "whole," though, as the young Queen Charlotte informs her husband, regardless of their circumstances. 


    #2. Violet Discovers Lady Danbury’s Secret

    Queen Charlotte Ending Explained

    Source: Netflix

    In the present-day Queen Charlotte timeline, Lady Danbury exhorts Violet to take advantage of every opportunity and not waste her entire life lamenting the death of Edmund. Violet notices a birthday cap that her father used to create while gazing upon Lady Danbury's mantle. She is completely shocked by this discovery.

    Having no heir and her children is still making Charlotte angry. She inquires about Brimsley's marriage while it is silent. Who would be willing to spend a lifetime with me and be free? I'm present. Everyone in this place loves the king, says Brimsley. But Reynolds where are you?

    Lady Danbury mentions her "garden blooming" after Lord Danbury passed away, and a suspicious Violet wonders about this. If there was anyone else, she inquires. "I wanted to feel alive," Lady Danbury claims. "I have experienced love both ways. That's all I have to say. Lady Danbury brings up her relationship with Adolphus, Charlotte's brother, as she is aware that Violet has discovered her connection to her father.


    #3. Queen Charlotte Ending

    Queen Charlotte Ending Explained

    Source: Netflix

    In order to view Charlotte, Prince Edward and his wife, Victoria, come to the palace. Vicky is carrying a baby. The heir is protected. Charlotte is ecstatic.

    When Lady Danbury visits Violet, she notices that there are many birthday hats on display. Lady Danbury resists Violet's nudges to share her secret. Her affection is hers to preserve.

    Charlotte visits George to inform him of the birth of Edward and Victoria's child. She crawls beneath the bed when he is off in his own world, just like they used to. She invites him to join her in hiding from the heavens. He pursues her. She informs him of the child. Your line will continue to be live, says Charlotte.

    The reply from George is, "Our line." She notices young George when she turns around. She gives him credit for their union. He follows suit. They kiss each other tenderly. “You did not go over the wall,” George says. Charlotte replies, “No, George. I did not go over the wall.” When he looks over, young Charlotte is staring back. It’s always been George and Charlotte facing the world… together.

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