Pictures of Animal Parents Teaching Their Children

Marlene 1 month ago
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We don't always find ourselves so perfect among our fellow animals, but these tired and exasperated pet parents are sure to make you gasp.

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    It's not often that we find ourselves so perfect among our fellow animals, but these weary and exasperated pet parents are sure to make you say "I was there" when you reading. All these weary creatures need is a good eight hours of sleep and some privacy. Just like us. They will probably never get theirs, either. Scroll down to see in more detail the joys of being an animal parent.

    #1. No, Let Me Just Get It. You’re Not Helping.

    amazing animals

    Source: QuackMcDuck

    What's more chaotic than a disruptive child? A young person on a mission to serve others. Though they have the best of intentions, they are making matters worse by attempting to assist their parents. We've all seen the kitchen when they try to cook you breakfast in bed.

    When this little kitten noticed her father attempting to take food off the counter, she decided to assist as well. The only problem is that she's a little small, and she'll betray their cover. Quick, be completely natural.

    #2. Blink Twice For Help.

    adorable dogs

    Source: franticmuffin

    Snickerdoodle, the mama dog, is clearly attempting to communicate something with her eyes, right? Is there "more kibble?" Is it "take me for a walk"? No, it could be a subconscious message asking you to save her from her children. Every parent will be able to read between the lines here.

    This image contains a lot of Adam's Creation energy. Except that this dog has given birth to her puppies and is now looking for assistance from the person behind the camera. It's a fresh twist on a classic Renaissance scene, with the extra anxiety of canine motherhood.

    #3. The Face Of A True Warrior.

    dog meme

    Source: PsBattle

    The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul. This is especially true if your soul is that of a mama dog that has been awake for days with 7 puppies hanging off of her. If she could read her soul at that moment, it would say "dog-tired."

    Is it her eyes that say "help me" or "end me?" In any case, she's barely hanging in there with two paws on the ground and a leveled glance at a human off camera. She's probably wondering why we have time to build automobiles but not to assist her.

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    #4. No Corner Is A Safe Corner When You're A Mother.

    animal facts

    Source: MazMe89

    We've all got our little hidey-holes we go to when we want to be alone. For some of us, it's the supply closet at work and for others, it's far away downstairs in the bathroom when you think no one will find you. They will, by the way. Locked doors don't stand a chance against toddlers. 

    This dog found this out the hard way when she backed herself into a corner trying to get away from her puppies. Look at that tired out face desperate for some peace and quiet. She's only going to get it when they're all asleep.

    #5. Motherhood Really Transformed This Cat.

    amazing animals

    Source: bigshmoo

    Some days, you wake up as a mother and don't quite feel human. Maybe your kid put cereal in your bed while you slept so you'd have some first thing in the morning, or maybe you had a good 20 minutes of sleep the night before and believe you've entered the spectral realm. It occurs.

    This cat can vouch for it. The internet has dubbed this cat-mom "Cathulu," and it's a pretty appropriate description of the kind of otherworldly being that motherhood has changed this little woman into.

    #6. These Adorable Parents Are Total Lovebirds.

    adorable pets

    Source: witch-finder

    They're genuinely lovebirds, no joke. These two are more excited about their children than the other stressed-out parents on this list. They can't be running on Quaker's apple cinnamon oatmeal and little sleep just yet.

    This cute little goth lady married this mango boy, and they had some adorable pastel goth children. There's no mistake who these birdies' parents are. Maybe their personalities are half and half as well, and they respond to every query with "whatever, I don't care." "I adore you."

    #7. You've Definitely Made The Face This Stressed Out Opossum Is Making.

    wild animals

    Source: Interwebz

    This opossum has a great expression because it perfectly sums up how all parents feel and how we all feel taking public transportation. Both are exercises in trying to stay calm despite the person beside you spitting on people and throwing their juice on the ground. 

    Look at how calm her babies are while she's caught in the middle of whatever tornado life has thrown at her. She's probably just gotten back her bill for the chiropractor that she had to start going to because of her kids. Unfortunately, she can't play dead for this one.

    #8. But Mom, Everyone Else Is Going To The Dog Park.

    amazing animals

    Source: QuackMcDuck

    There is an age-old conflict between children and the word "no." No matter how good the inquiry seems in their thoughts, it occasionally comes out far too crazy, and the dreaded "no" answer from a parent looms on the horizon. What do you mean I can't stay out till midnight with my friends in the 7/11 parking lot if I'm already five?

    This dog appears to be asking its mother a critical question about where they may go and how much money she can give them to have fun. Hopefully, the tiny guy is making use of his puppy-dog eyes.

    #9. The Child Leash Also Exists In The Animal Kingdom.

    funny animals

    Source: Giphy

    This mama monkey has apparently had enough of her monkey child wandering around the Walmart touching things it's not supposed to touch, so she brought out the animal equivalent of a child leash. 

    If this doesn't make people re-think putting their kids on leashes, nothing probably will. Hopefully, they know that it makes them look as silly as this monkey. Good luck little monkey. Maybe if you're quiet in the car your mom will still take you out for ice cream.

    #10. When They Gotta Go They Gotta Go.

    wild animal

    Source: QuackMcDuck

    You know how kids are: if they don't announce to the world that they need to use the restroom, they'll go ahead and use it regardless of what's going on. That appears to be true for ponies as well. Either that or this infant is practicing yoga.

    This mom is so used to her child wandering wherever he wants in whatever disorderly state he chooses that she doesn't even notice he's walking right next to her. Hey, it's better than going for her directly. As a parent, you must choose your battles.

    #11. I Told You To Stay In Bed.

    animal fact

    Source: Pinterest

    This baby polar bear appears to have disobeyed its mother and is being chastised as a result. Although it may appear harsh, trust us when we say that it does not harm the baby in any way; it is simply how they transport them at such a young age.

    This is the polar bear equivalent of a parent picking up their child and leaving the shop after they had a meltdown in the middle of the aisle. This baby, hopefully, learnt its lesson.

    #12. What Did You Do To My Child?

    wild animals

    Source: Pinterest

    You never want to get between a mother and her offspring, animal or human. Someone wasn't very nice to this lion cub, so their mother is going to make things right. The youngster appears to know exactly what their mother is going to do and wishes to be present for the activity, but safely hidden behind her. All we know is that we don't want to be whatever this lion is chasing; she could be the last thing they see.

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