Penguin Facts That Will Enlighten You About These Amazing Birds

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If you aren’t sure if a penguin is truly up for a soul bird role, keep on reading for some inherently cool penguin facts and learn more about their quirks and the stuff that makes them so relatable and adorable.

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    Did you realize, for example, that penguins are actually waterproof? That is one of the characteristics that allows them to appreciate the freezing cold waters of the Antarctic sea! Or that, despite their clumsiness on the surface, penguins are extremely athletic swimmers who can dive to record depths? They're not just cute; they're also very interesting! To learn more, keep reading the facts about penguins we've included in this piece. After all, if we reveal all of the coolest penguin facts now, you'll lose out on all of the adorable penguin photos that accompany the bird facts below. If the fun information about penguins don't make your day, the adorable images will.

    Right, so before we spill all the beans, let’s end this introduction and skip straight to the interesting facts about penguins. Once you are done reading these fun facts, be sure to rank them since now they are in no particular order. And lastly, share this article with your friends!

    #1. Penguins Are Waterproof.

    Interesting Fact About Penguin

    Penguins apply oil generated by their preen glands to their bodies, insulating their feathers and improving their hydrodynamics.

    #2. The Weight Of Penguin.

     Penguin Facts

    Penguin eggs are the smallest of all bird species when measured in proportion to the weight of the parent birds.

    #3. How does penguins sleep?

    Penguin Memes

    Usually, a penguin snoozes with its bill hidden behind a flipper.

    #4. Penguins create pebble nests.

    Funny Penguin

    Because of their poor appearance, ornithologists refer to Gentoo penguin "nests" as "scrapes." Nonetheless, the parents cover the rock mound with moss and feathers.

    #5. How many species of penguins are there?

    Interesting Fact About Penguin

    Scientists are unsure how many penguin species exist, and although the number typically ranges between 17 and 20, scientists disagree on whether some of them are species or simply different types of penguins.

    #6. Facts about newborn penguins.

    Penguin Facts

    Only 19% of young penguin chicks will survive the first year of their life.

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    #7. Penguins congregate to stay warm.


    Emperor penguins have perfected the art of the group hug, with some birds in the midst of the embrace becoming overheated in temperatures below zero and having to waddle out. The men on the outskirts are the next to feel the heat.

    #8. Not all Penguins live in the Antarctic.
    Penguin Memes

    Living close to the equator allows the Galápagos penguin to remain comfortable and warm. In actuality, they are the only species of penguins that live outside of the Southern Hemisphere.

    #9. Penguins are diving masters. 

    Before diving into the ocean, penguins usually leap into the air and then plunge down. The motion causes air bubbles in their feathers to burst, decreasing drag and doubling or tripling their underwater speed, according to Smithsonian. By quickly swimming to the surface and bursting up over the ice shelf, some smaller penguins can catapult themselves 6 to 9 feet into the air to leap back to land.

    #10. The size of the penguin.

    When it comes to size, Emperor penguins are the largest specimens of the species.

    #11. Penguins are capable of swimming faster than ten miles per hour.

    The fastest penguins, Gentoos, may move at speeds of up to 20 mph, although most species only go at 4 to 7 mph.

    #12. Chubby penguins are the most sought-after mates.

    Due to the extreme fasting required, the females frequently look for chubbier men who can go weeks without food as the females alternate fishing turns.

    #13. Penguins molt once a year.

    Penguins lose all of their feathers during the two to three-week time, and they are unable to swim or fish until the vital insulation grows back.

    #14. Penguins are adapted to drinking seawater.

    Although penguins quench their thirst by drinking meltwater from streams and pools, their hunting behaviors and nutrition necessitate sophisticated adaptation. A supraorbital gland located above the eye removes salt from the circulation. The excess sodium is then expelled through the nostrils or sneezing!

    #15. And also dive down over 800 feet.

    An emperor penguin reached an incredible 1,850 feet in the deepest dive ever documented by the Australian Antarctic Division. Those enormous depths necessitate a large lung capacity; the longest-known dives have endured 22 minutes!

    #16. "Brooding"

    "Brooding" refers to keeping an eye on the young penguin chick. If their chick was lost or perished, some mother penguins would attempt to abduct young penguin chicks.

    #17. Many birds restrict their egg production.

    This happens in an unusual manner among crested penguins. They produce two eggs at a 6-day interval. The first led egg is less than half the size of the second. Only the second egg usually develops. Even if both eggs hatch unexpectedly (as in the case of the Fiordland penguin), only one baby will survive to maturity. The explanation why is still unknown.

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    #18. Penguins are toothless.

    Their mouths have fleshy spines that assist them in swallowing fish. The protrusions face backward to assist in guiding the catch down their throats.

    #19. Very aptly named Little Blue Penguin is the smallest penguin species. 

    These tiny birds are also known as little penguins or fairy penguins, and their 14-inch height stands in stark contrast to an emperor penguin's 4-foot-tall stature.

    #20. Penguin chicks are incredibly fluffy.

    A light down covers their first layer of feathers. They eventually develop a waterproof coating, but before that, they look rather adorable.

    #21. Emperor penguins keep eggs warm by holding them on their feet.

    They are kept warm by the male penguins inside a loose skin fold. They don't even leave to eat for months while waiting for the eggs to hatch!

    #22. Some extinct penguins were over 5 feet tall.

    According to newly discovered remains, an ancient race of penguins once stood taller than the typical adult man today at 5-foot-10. Kumimanu biceae was at its peak 60 million years ago and presumably weighed 220 pounds. Pachydyptes, an extinct genus, was also expected to reach a height of 4 feet.

    #23. How do penguins propose to each other?

    Male penguins propose with pebbles. Many male penguins present rocks to female penguins as a form of courtship.

    #24. Some penguin species are monogamous.

    Gentoos, rockhoppers, and chinstraps mate for life. Within minutes of arriving at the colony each season, Adelie females can locate their former mates.

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