Michael Rooker Will Be The Cast In Episode Of The Rookie Season 5

Lynne 1 month ago
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Recently, Nathan Fillion announced that Rooker is appearing in the ABC show The Rookie. Here is all updated information for you.

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    Michael Rooker is a famous actor who is renowned for several notable roles in his lifetime, one of which is Merle Dixon in The Walking Dead series. Recently, Nathan Fillion announced that Rooker is appearing in the ABC show The Rookie.

    #1. Which episode will Michael Rooker join in?

    Michael Rooker in The Rookie

    Source: Variety

    The Rookie is a police procedural crime drama that aired its first season in 2018. Created by Alexi Hawley for ABC, the series is currently in its fifth season. Rooker played a character, Frank Tesca, in the twentieth episode of season 5, “S.T.R.,” which aired on ABC on April 18, 2023, and is available to stream on Hulu.

    The synopsis for the episode reads: Officer Tim Bradford’s ex-wife returns and asks the team to help her save someone from her undercover past. Isabel’s return also creates additional pressure in Lucy and Tim’s relationship as they assist in the search.
    The Rookie follows Fillion’s John Nolan, who, at 40 years old, became the oldest rookie in the Los Angeles Police Department. The series is based on the actual events of the life of William Norcross, who, in 2015, joined the LAPD while in his mid-40s.

    Michael Rooker in The Rookie

    Source: Hulu

    The series also stars Alyssa Diaz, Richard T. Jones, Titus Makin Jr., Mercedes Mason, Melissa O’Neil, Afton Williamson, Eric Winter, Mekia Cox, Shawn Ashmore, Jenna Dewan, and Tru Valentino.

    Fillion shared the social media post below, stating that Rooker holds the record for the actor he has worked with most. He praises Rooker for many of his attributes and says he is an excellent friend. The pair have starred in several James Gunn movies, including his directorial debut, Slither, and his second project Super. Other Gunn titles the pair have starred in are The Suicide Squad, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. 

    #2. Michael Rooker other projects

    Michael Rooker in The Rookie

    Source: IMDb

    Next, Rooker will star in Kevin Costner’s new western movie Horizon, which also stars fellow Walking Dead actor Tom Payne. This movie spans 15 years of pre- and post-civil war expansion and settlement of the American West.
    He will also star in the Netflix original The Out-laws, which is an action comedy that will release in 2023. And he will reprise his role as Buddy in Fast X, which releases on May 19, 2023. He will also star in Road Rage, A Good Man is Hard to Find, and The President is Missing.

    #3. Michael Rooker plot leaked

    Michael Rooker in The Rookie

    Source: TV Line

    The episode begins with Lopez that is supposed to be on maternity leave, she goes into the closet to call Thorsen to help her with a case, gather DNA, and Wesley catches her and tells her that he knows what she is doing and if she doesn’t hang up he will call Grey and tell him.
    Roll call, Grey special of the day, Frank Teska, worked his way up from street level enforcer to proud boss of a renaissance crew that runs everything from prostitutes to drugs. His temper got the best of him and he did eight years for involuntary manslaughter.
    Last week Frank left prison and they believe he took out his brother Ed. Prison intel says that Frank was making a push to get into the ghost gun business, 3D printed weapons that are invisible to weapon detectors. This morning they raided a chemical company that Frank uses as a supplier, there is only one more similar chemical company and Chen is going to go undercover.
    Harper tells Nolan that she needs him to run down to the morgue regarding the torso found in North Hollywood, the dead-end case she took to keep Randy out of jail. Now, an arm has been found.

    Michael Rooker in The Rookie

    Source: IMDb

    Thorsen walks in with a bag filled with what looks like garbage, dumbs it on his desk and says he is looking for DNA. Grey sees him and tells him to get the mess out of there.
    The new arm is not a match for the torso. Nolan and Juarez are out looking and find a homeless man that has a leg and foot in a dumpster.
    Day 1 undercover, Chen walks in to Southland Chemicals. She gets a call from Bradford to see if she is settled in, she says yes but her boss is a little over excited about the whole undercover thing, she has to keep an eye on him.

    Another day undercover and Chen is entering Southland only to be approached by a man (Frank) who says he knows she is not who she says she is. She says she doesn’t know what he is talking about. He says her name is Lisa Thompson, born in Flagstaff and currently wanted for felony fraud for cashing two bad cheques.
    She offers to take a walk with him. She asks him what he wants, he says he wants to get to know her if they are going to do business together. She says she respectfully passes, she came to LA to make a new start. He tells her a few barrels a month goes missing, nobody will know. She does that and he will pay her five thousand dollars a month. He tells her that if she doesn’t comply he will drown her in the canal. Nolan and Juarez get a call, another leg is found in Hollywood reservoir. They arrive on the scene and there is a dog beside the leg and he doesn’t want to let it go. His owner says he hasn’t left it since he found it.

    Thorsen found the DNA, Lopez calls him and tells him it was a match. She gives him another case, and again is caught by Wesley.
    Chen meets with the team and tells them that Frank invited her to dinner, she wants to know if she should push a little about his brother, Harper says no, she still has to build trust. At dinner, Chen tells Frank she is a little freaked out by the whole thing, she doesn’t want to land in prison. He says he was there and he learned while in prison that family cannot be trusted and he put his brother in his place. All of a sudden, there is a car outside the restaurant and bullets start flying, Chen tells Frank to get down.

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