Meet John Derek The Man Who Played A Role Of Joshua In The Ten Commandments Film

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Are you looking for information on Joshua, who John Derek played in The Ten Commandments? Keep scrolling to know all information about him.

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    Are you looking for information on Joshua, who John Derek played in The Ten Commandments? In the movie, Joshua had a serious sex appeal. But the worst kind of childhood could only be used to characterize John Derek. The day Derek was born was August 12th, 1926. Lawson Harris and Dolores Johnson, both of whom were actresses, were his parents. The admiration and admiration of others were always directed at Derek’s mother because of her stunning good looks.

    #1. Career Of John Derek, Who Played Joshua In The Ten Commandments

    John Derek played Joshua

    Source: TCM

    He appeared in films including "Rogues of Sherwood Forest," "Knock on Any Door," "The Ten Commandments," "Ghosts Can't Do It," "10," and "Bolero," and is well known for these roles. "Live life to the fullest, die while you’re still young, and create an attractive corpse," was his childhood motto. After appearing in numerous movies, he turned his attention to directing and producing films after deciding that acting was no longer what he wanted to do.

    Besides he tried his hand at some still photography. He was well-known not just for his job but also for the fact that he wed four stunning celebrities. The most prosperous and long-lasting of his marriages was his fourth, to Bo Derek, which began in 1976 and lasted until his death in 1998. He was also known as Bo Derek’s Svengali because he was instrumental in the rise to prominence of Bo Derek through the success of their business, Svengali Productions.

    At age 71, his heart stopped, and he passed away. Although sharing a ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley with Bo, he claimed to have no friends or acquaintances.

    #2. Achievements And Trivia Of John Derek

    John Derek played Joshua

    Source: TCM

    With the release of his first two movies, John Derek's talent as a brilliant up-and-coming actor was recognized. He quickly became well-known as a teen idol. In 1949, Bosley Crowther wrote in The New York Times that he was “plainly an idol for the girls.” Bosley Crowther called him “plainly an idol for the females.” It is commonly accepted that he played a significant role in his fourth wife, Bo Derek's career in the entertainment industry.

    He frequently made trips to Ralph Helfer’s California Exotic Animal Ranch to assist with farm upkeep and get to know the animals there. On his birth certificate, his middle name is listed as Delevan; yet, throughout his life, he always spelled it as Dullivan.

    #3. Tragic Family Story Of John Derek

    Source: TCM

    Tension existed between John Derek's father and the women in his life. He once told young John, “All women want is your name.” Even though he was known as a huge ladies’ man, Derek’s mom gave up her career in silent films to marry his dad, which turned out to be a huge mistake. When John Derek was a young child, his father abandoned his mother and left them on their own. His father abandoned them without any explanation.

    Harlan and Derek's mother never wed. Derek had the assumption that this was because his mother struggled with alcoholism. Still, his daughter subsequently told him that, at the time, it was socially unacceptable to marry a divorced woman over 30 who already had a kid. Despite the circumstances, Derek's mother was in a foul mood and as a result, she started drinking considerably more regularly. Soon after that, John Derek's mother and son's relationship underwent a significant, disturbing change.

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