Love Is Blind: Why did Marshall and Jackie break up? Fully Explained

Lynne 2 month ago
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Jackelina “Jackie” Bonds has clarified when her breakup from Love Is Blind fiancé Marshall Glaze occurred in light of their dramatic love triangle with costar Joshua Demas. Why did they break up?

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    Another “Love Is Blind” Season 4 couple has called it quits before they ever made it down the aisle. Jackelina “Jackie” Bonds has clarified when her breakup from Love Is Blind fiancé Marshall Glaze occurred in light of their dramatic love triangle with costar Joshua Demas. Why did they break up?


    #1. Jackie worried about meeting Marshall’s family

    Why Marshall and Jackie break up

    Source: Decider

    In Episodes Six and Seven, Marshall and Jackie discussed their engagement and the prospect of meeting each other's families. Jackie expressed her anxiety about her parents' confusion about their engagement, as well as her nervousness about being introduced to Marshall's sister. Marshall offered to postpone the meeting, yet Jackie reassured him that she was prepared.“Jackie has a tendency to ruminate,” he told the cameras. “And she tends to stay in a mood for a long time. Longer than I would like, however, that’s not up to me. And I’m just there chilling, waiting.” 
    Jackie then revealed that her family was not entirely supportive of their engagement. She said she was considering all the “repercussions” that would come with choosing to marry Marshall or leave him. 
    When Marshall’s sister Morgan, niece Zoe, and brother-in-law Ryan arrived, Jackie was friendly, albeit slightly uncomfortable, during the conversation. She complimented Marshall for being a great listener and helping her through tough moments.  “I need to make sure I’m the best version of me when I say ‘yeah,’” she told Marshall’s family. Her relatives and friends never made an appearance in Season Four.

    #2. Marshall and Jackie argued about him not being 'aggressive' enough

    Why Marshall and Jackie break up

    Source: StyleCaster

    During Episode Eight, Marshall revealed he left their apartment after Jackie told him to “boss up.” “The way that she made me feel in that moment when she said that — I wasn’t a man,” he said to the cameras. “That hurts because I truly genuinely do love this girl. When Marshall returned to the apartment, Jackie was packing her clothes. Jackie said she was not interested in playing games. They had an explosive disagreement about Marshall choosing to leave instead of addressing his feelings. 
    “I never said you weren’t man enough for me, I just said to be more aggressive,” Jackie said. “We don’t have sex, bro!” Marshall said Jackie did not make him feel special, so she questioned why he liked her.  “Because I see you as a project and I saw potential,” he bluntly replied. “I thought that you were just going to come around to me.” 
    He later apologized for his comments and clarified he meant his relationship with Jackie had “limitless potential.” Marshall told Jackie he loved her. She embraced him and apologized, temporarily fixing their problems. 

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    #3. They were in a love triangle

    Why Marshall and Jackie break up

    Source: Parade

    Jackie and Marshall had difficulties getting along right from the start in Episode Two. Despite the fact that Jackie had a strong bond with Marshall in the pods, she also felt a draw to Josh Demas. When Josh mentioned that he would quit the program if Jackie turned down his offer, she told Marshall about it. The 27-year-old marketing manager became frustrated and confronted Josh. Eventually, Jackie decided to end her other relationship and accept Marshall’s proposal. 
    However, their problems continued during their trip to Mexico. Jackie sobbed and stressed about having to return home and take care of her family. After the episode aired, the 27-year-old certified dental assistant explained on Instagram on March 27 that her father was battling health issues when she was on the show. Marshall comforted her in Mexico and they appeared to briefly be on the right track.

    #4. Jackie skipped Marshall wedding dress fitting

    Why Marshall and Jackie break up

    Source: Distractify

    In Episode Nine, all the men tried on their tuxedos while the women donned beautiful wedding dresses in front of their friends and family. Every cast member showed up to their fittings except for Jackie. 
    Marshall, unaware of his fiancée’s whereabouts, happily planned his outfit for his special day. After all the women realized Jackie was not coming, contestant Tiffany Pennywell decided to text her fiancé Brett and tell him Jackie did not show up for her fitting. Brett then shared the information with Marshall who appeared to be stunned. 

    #5. Jackie and Josh reconnected

    Why Marshall and Jackie break up

    Source: TC

    The end of Episode Nine suggested that Jackie skipped her fitting to secretly meet up with Josh. He greeted her at a coffee shop with flowers and said he loved her. Josh shared that losing Jackie was his “biggest regret.” 
    At the start of Episode 10, Jackie confirmed to the cameras she was attracted to Josh. She also criticized Marshall, telling Josh that her fiancé was “too sensitive” for her. 
    When Josh asked how Marshall would feel about her sharing this information, she responded, “I don’t care.” She said she “chose wrong.”
    She added that she was willing to give a relationship with Josh a chance, but she was not interested in getting married anytime soon. Before leaving the restaurant, they shared a quick kiss. 

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