Love After Music Ending: Fully Explained: Who Killed Fito’s Grandmothers?

Lynne 1 month ago
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Let's explore this incredible journey and see how Fito Paez became a legend of the Argentinian music scene.

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    Felipe Gomez Aparicio and Gonzalo Tobal's movie, "Love After Music", chronicles the story of the extraordinary Argentinian pianist Fito Paez who, despite the odds, went on to become one of the most celebrated musicians in the country. Fito's success was not just about his talent, but also about his determination, tenacity, and refusal to be deterred by those who sought to discourage him. His struggle was a relentless one, with moments of despair and doubt, but he persevered and followed his dreams. Let's explore this incredible journey and see how Fito Paez became a legend of the Argentinian music scene.

    #1. How Did “Giros” Pave The Way For Fito? 

    Love After Music Ending explain
    Andres Gallo noticed that Fito had gained a lot of admirers and thought it was the perfect moment to suggest that he create his own solo. At that stage in "Love After Music," Fito was still collaborating with Garcia, and it was hard for him to find time to make his solo project. Gallo convinced him to prioritize what he wanted in life seeing as everyone else had their solo works and he was the only one behind. In 1985, Fito finally released his album Giros, which quickly became a success and established him as a solo artist. After this achievement, Fito's career skyrocketed, and he became a well-known figure in the Argentinian music industry. Garcia also contributed his expertise and made sure that the up-and-coming pianist made the right choices and wrote songs that became a national anthem for the subsequent years.

    Fito had become quite close to Fabiana Cantilo, and they both had started living together. Fabiana was Fito’s strength, and though there were a lot of conflicts between them, they never left each other’s side and made sure that they crossed all barriers and didn’t surrender to the circumstances. Fito always felt that whoever he loved ultimately ended up leaving him, and that is why somewhere, he was scared that even Fabiana would leave him. Fabiana might not have been the ideal partner in a conventional sense, but she provided unconditional support to Fito and made sure that he defeated his demons, faced his worst fears head on and kept moving forward.

    #2. How Did Fito Bring His Career Back On Track?

    Love After Music Ending explain
    Life is unpredictable, and it never fails to surprise us. When Fito felt devoid of all hope, there was a divine intervention, and he ended up creating an album named Tercer Mundo, in which a song named Bring Joy To My Heart (Y Dale Alegria a mi Corazón) became an instant hit not only in Argentina but in a lot of other countries. Around the same time, Fito met Cecilia Roth, the actress, and they got into a relationship soon after. Andres Gallo also came back to Fito after his recent success, and he arranged a meeting with Andre Midani, a music producer. 

    Midani also told Fito that they would do a tour and take advantage of the fact that his last song was a chartbuster.Fito once again started facing some troubles in his personal life. Cecilia loved Fito, but at times, his priorities did not align with hers. There were cracks in their relationship that were widening with time, and eventually, they decided that it would be in the best interest of everybody to part ways and end their relationship. Cecilia and Fito were still friends, and they accepted the fact that they probably were not compatible as partners. Towards the end of “Love After Music” Season 1, Fito played at Velez Sarsfield Stadium, and it felt like a dream come true. 

    Love After Music Ending explain

    Source: Netflix

    That day, he didn’t care about the technicalities, and he only enjoyed each and every moment he spent on that stage because of how much effort it had taken him to get there. His latest creation became the best-selling album, broke all the records, and got etched in music history. Fito Paez became the most successful musician in Argentinian history, but he still craved something that he knew he couldn’t ever have, i.e., his family. He craved to be loved by his mother; he craved to be guided by his father, and he also missed how his grandmothers used to pamper him. Fito Paez created a legacy for himself, and he proved that if an individual has the firmness of purpose, then no matter what happens he would achieve his goal.

    #3. Who Killed Fito’s Grandmothers?

    Love After Music Ending explain

    Source: Digital Mafia Talkies

    Fito Paez was very close to his paternal and maternal grandmothers, who had literally raised him after the death of his mother. Belia and Peppa, unlike his father, supported him from the very beginning, and more than anybody else, they believed that their grandson would become a great musician one day. Belia and Peppa stayed in Rosario, and Fito often paid them a visit as he loved to spend time with both ladies. Life was moving at a very fast pace for Fito, and once in a while, when he was able to meet his family, it gave him an opportunity to connect to his roots, stop running for a moment, and appreciate what he had achieved in life.

    From that point in time, in “Love After Music,” everything went downhill in Fito’s life. The music label didn’t want to produce his songs, and Andres Gallo, who had been his manager for the longest time, decided to part ways as there seemed no future for Fito. To make matters worse, even Fabiana left him. The investigation kept going for two years, and the police weren’t able to find any potential leads. Fito was still not able to cope with the grief, and he just couldn’t accept that his two pillars of strength were no longer with him. Fito’s aunt realized that the necklace that Belia Ramirez was wearing at the time of her death was nowhere to be found. She informed the law enforcement authorities about it, and they were forced to investigate the matter and check if it was an inside job. 

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