Is Richard Madden Gay? His Dating Life Rumours

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While Richard Madden is not the type of celeb who broadcasts his lovers to the public, it only makes fans even more curious: Is Richard Madden gay? Who is the lucky lady or gent managing to steal his heart? 

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    Richard Madden became an overnight sensation after starring in the 2018 thriller series Bodyguard, embodying the handsome, reliable hunk and causing many A listers to wish their bodyguards were as dreamy as Richard. With being a massive star and award winning actor, came scrutinization of his private life, especially relationships. While Richard Madden is not the type of celeb who broadcasts his lovers to the public, it only makes fans even more curious: Is Richard Madden gay? Who is the lucky lady or gent managing to steal his heart? 

    #1. Is Richard Madden Gay?

    Is Richard Madden gay?

    Source: The Scottish Sun

    No, Richard Madden is not gay. Since Richard has portrayed gay roles like John Reid in Rocketman and Ikaris in Eternals, journalists are understandably interested in learning about his sexual orientation. On the other side, his sexual orientation is widely known to be hidden.

    He has often warned people not to pry into or infer his sexual preference. In an interview, he said, "I just keep my personal life private," to the New York Times. "No one has ever heard me talk about the men and women I’ve dated."

    #2. Are Richard Madden and Froy Gutierrez Dating?

    Is Richard Madden gay?

    Source: Daily Mail

    Richard Madden was caught in a dating rumor with fellow actor Froy Gutierrez. The couple was first spotted together in February 2020, which is essentially one month before the end of the world. They were seen in the Venice neighborhood, and fans speculated that they lived and subsequently quarantined together in Emma Clarke’s home. Both fans and paparazzi started closely pursuing the couple. Due to the fact that they were spotted there in September 2020 and again in April 2021, the pair appears to have relocated their quarantine site to London. Richard and Froy, however, appeared more circumspect and made every effort to stay away from the photographers.

     Be at ease.  A lack of pictures doesn’t mean they are over. Earlier this year, while they spent a summer vacation in Italy, the couple showed that they were still going strong.

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    #3. The Truth Behind Richard Madden and Brandon Flynn’s Rumored Relationship

    Fans started to question if Richard Madden is also homosexual in real life when he portrayed the gay manager in the movie Rocketman. Several images of Richard dating 13 Reasons Why actor Brandon Flynn piqued people's interest. The stars were photographed on a number of trips, from a simple stroll to running errands in Los Angeles and a dinner date in the Big Apple. Richard wrapped Brandon's arm in a circle during one of those outings.

    Is Richard Madden gay?

    Source: The Scottish Sun

    The New York Times questioned Richard about the rumors, and Richard responded by saying he was unbothered by the question and in no hurry to answer it. Richard further stated that he prefers to keep his "personal life personal" and that he has never discussed his romances and probably never will. So much for the sweet images, Richard would have posted to his Instagram account.

    #4. When Did Richard Madden and Ellie Bamber Separate?

    Is Richard Madden gay?

    Source: Daily Mail

    When Richard Madden revealed that he was dating Ellie Bamber in 2017, fans were taken aback. The reason was quite understandable. Ellie had just turned 20 at the time, and Richard was 30. The Standard claims that after the first meeting, the two were inseparable instantly. Additionally, according to the source, members of their respective families knew one another.

    Sadly, their relationship barely lasted 18 months before they decided to split up in January 2019. “They were arguing almost daily towards the end,” a source told The Sun. “It became evident there were far too many issues,” the source continued.

    #5. How Long Were Richard Madden and Suki Waterhouse Together?

    Is Richard Madden gay?

    Source: Harper's Bazaar

    Richard Madden gained not just more notoriety but also a supermodel girlfriend thanks to his role in the popular television series Game of Thrones. In 2016, the two allegedly started dating after meeting through mutual friends.

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    Unfortunately, their relationship would not be smooth sailing as Richard was once caught in a feud with Suki’s best pal, fellow model Cara Delevingne. Richard's comment in an interview that Cara's actions seem ungrateful was the catalyst for the entire situation. Cara has yet to get over his comments, so the initial awkwardness between Richard and Cara is something to be expected from Suki. Suki and Richard appeared to have made up their minds, nevertheless, to call it quits not long after they began dating.

    #6. Inside Richard Madden’s Short-Lived Romance with Laura Whitmore

    Is Richard Madden gay?

    Source: Harper's Bazaar

    Before Richard Madden dated Suki Waterhouse in 2016, he once dated Laura Whitmore earlier that year. The former couple first met in February and decided to give it a go in romance. A source told that the couple has “real chemistry” and that Richard was the one who “has done much of the wooing.” Nevertheless, Richard and Laura were interested in each other and thus decided to start dating. While both claimed to be “really happy” in their new relationship, the romance quickly fizzled out as they “hardly saw each other” due to their busy schedules.

    #7. How Did Richard Madden and Jenna Coleman Get Together?

    Is Richard Madden gay?

    Source: Daily Mail

    Actress Jenna Coleman was Richard Madden's most noteworthy and well-known public romance to date. In 2012, a year after Richard achieved global renown as a result of his portrayal in Game of Thrones, the couple began dating. Together, they attended a number of red carpet-events, and Richard boasted that his girlfriend's part in Doctor Who was the coolest thing ever.

    Sadly, their romance didn't last, and in 2015 they made the decision to part ways, saying only that "they will always be friends." However, soon after their breakup, the two were seen holding hands while strolling through London, which gave rise to reports that they were rekindling their affair. Eventually, Jenna started dating Tom Hughes, her co-star in the television series Victoria, which put an end to the resurgent romance rumors with Richard.

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