Is Richard Armitage Gay? Is He Married? Reason Behind Gay And Wife Rumors

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What about Richard personal life and relationships? Is Richard Armitage Gay? You may get all the information about it in this blog.

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    Richard Armitage must not have seemed strange to you if you enjoy The Hobbit. He is an English actor who rose to fame as a result of his roles in The Hobbit and the series North & South. In addition to performing, he provided the voice of Robin Hood. And up to this time, he had recorded audiobooks in multiple TV, and radio shows, and advertisements.

    But what about Richard’s personal life and relationships? Is Richard Armitage gay? You may get all the information about it in this blog.

    #1. Is Richard Armitage gay? What is his sexuality?

    Is Richard Armitage gay?

    Source: Hello Magazine

    Richard Armitage has never commented on the matter of his sexuality, however, he has openly shown his support for the LGBTIQ+ community. He once captioned an Instagram photo of a rainbow flag, "Be grateful for love. Be grateful that you can feel it for whomever it is. It's a brief existence. Live it with love." The actor's sexuality was the subject of numerous speculative comments in the post's comment section. "All beautiful women are married, and all most attractive men are gay, Why?" a fan questioned in a comment. 

    However, using any term to describe his sexuality at this time would be incorrect. As for Armitage, he has not commented regarding McKellan's statement on his sexuality or any other gay rumors related to him. 

    #2. Is Richard Armitage gay? Richard Armitage and Lee Pace were an item?

    Surrounding his bond with co-star Lee Pace, Armitage was the focus of gay rumors as his real-life relationship with Pace became the talk of the town.

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    It was said that the duo was an item. They were seen hanging around and going to red carpet-events together. Although it is common for co-actors to hang out and attend events together, rumors of Armitage and Pace being a gay couple also got widely circulated. It was the case since Pace was an openly gay actor who publicly said in an interview that he loved his co-actor.

    Is Richard Armitage gay?

    Source: Pinterest

    Additionally, a certain image of them stoked gay rumors. Armitage and Pace were seen suspiciously close to one other in the image.

    The two were also seen having casual interactions. For instance, in April 2014, they were captured in a photo together in Washington Square Park. They also shared a meal with their families. The two nevertheless chose not to discuss their romance in public.

    #3. Is Richard Armitage married?

    Regarding his relationship status, Armitage keeps things private. It's unclear whether The Man from Rome actor is dating, engaged, or married as of the time of writing. Additionally, there is no indication of a potential girlfriend or marriage on his social media accounts.

    Was Armitage previously engaged to Samantha Colley?

    Is Richard Armitage gay?

    Source: Creeto

    On the set of the theater play The Crucible in the year 2014, he met his girlfriend Samantha Colley. In the film, they acted as love interests, and their chemistry was beyond amazing. People admired and adored them in that movie, and when the two revealed they were dating in real life as well, dreams became a reality.

    After dating for two years, Armitage and Colley got engaged on June 16, 2016. They did not, however, end up getting married. The two kept their breakup a secret, but some media outlets said it wasn't amicable. His ex-fiancée Colley moved on and got married after they broke up. She has, however, kept her spouse's identity a secret. 

    Since the breakdown of his engagement to British actress Samantha Colley, the Uncle Vanya actor has kept his dating life a secret. Netizens conjectured that Armitage might be bisexual after learning of his conceivable straight relationship with actress Genius. Armitage hasn't spoken on the bisexual rumors either, though. 

    Did Richard Armitage date Annabel Capper?

    Is Richard Armitage gay?

    Source: Pinterest

    Richard dated Annabel Capper for a considerable amount of time before getting engaged to Samantha.

    Armitage dated fellow British actress Annabel Capper in 2013, who has had a handful of on-screen roles. She played Tammy in the Canadian series Sensitive Skin and Olivia in the short drama film Niko & Eleanor (2022), among other parts. 

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    He made his intention to marry her known to her during their relationship. But because of the passing of time, they fell apart. Following her relationship with Richard, Annabel didn't appear to be in a new one. She also started to keep her love life a secret.

    #4. Richard Armitage's new TV shows and movies 

    Is Richard Armitage gay?

    Source: Digital Spy

    Armitage has more than 52 acting credits in his name. He has appeared in a number of popular films and TV shows, including Captain America: The First Avenger, Hannibal, Into The Storm, North and South, and Ocean's Eight. He also had roles in the animated series Castlevania and the popular TV show The Stranger. In 2020, he got cast in Harlan Coben's film adaptation of the novels 'Stay Close' and 'The Stranger' as Ray Levine and Adam Price, respectively. Richard Armitage said in June 2022 that he is working on Geneva, a made-up psychological thriller novel, which he claims will be published as an Audible Original.

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