Is National Treasure Edge Of History A Sequel?

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    Is National Treasure Edge Of History a sequel? Here we go! The National Treasure franchise is expanded upon in the new Disney+ show National Treasure: The Edge of History, which is a peculiar continuation of the brand. The film's protagonist, Ben Gates, played by Nicolas Cage, is replaced in the television show by a new group of protagonists who have no direct relation to him.

    Is National Treasure Edge Of History A Sequel?

    However, rather than coordinating the content, the presentation concentrates on the themes that run across the movies. The films National Treasure and National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets recounts the narrative of a dogged historian who is intent on demonstrating that the stories his grandfather told him are based on fact rather than fiction.

    Ben can steal the Declaration of Independence with the assistance of his geeky friend Riley Poole (Justin Bartha), his dubious father, Patrick Gates (Jon Voight), and his love interest Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger). They uncover a treasure map on the reverse side of the object. Following the first film's events, the cast reunites to tackle the mission of exonerating Ben's ancestor from the charge that he was the plotter behind Lincoln's murder in the second film.

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    The series focuses on Jess Valenzuela, a young immigrant played by Lisette Olivera, who is passionate about putting together jigsaws. As a result of an unexpected turn of events that led her to discover a link between a secret artifact and her long-since deceased father.

    She and her companions decide to enter the world of treasure hunting, only to come into confrontation with a terrible foe that they are unprepared to deal with. Despite the seeming divide between the films and the series, The Edge of History demonstrates a strong understanding of its forerunners.

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