Incredible Shot Of Someone Sneaky Hiding In The Sand Is Captured By Photographer

Dardarkom 2 month ago
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The ability to blend in with the environment is one of their incredible abilities to escape danger and defend themselves. Now, get to know the Peringuey adder, one of the tiniest vipers on the planet!

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    The term "animal lover" refers to someone who likes wildlife in general but not all species, particularly reptiles, and amphibians. When it comes to snakes, people often think of their scary eyes, long tongue, and venomous fangs. Residents in some regions even view this critter as a representation of evil and poison. In actuality, snakes are evasive creatures with extraordinary skills that enable them to endure hostile environments. Hence it is symbolic of rebirth, transformation, and immortality in many civilizations. Several of the oldest rituals that mankind is aware of have a serpent as a central figure. You'll see how beautiful this creature is if you take a closer look at it.

    The ability to blend in with the environment is one of their incredible abilities to escape danger and defend themselves. Let's get to know the Peringuey's adder, one of the tiniest vipers on the planet, and learn how well it fits in with its desert habitat.

    Peringuey adder


    Herpetologist and photographer Marisa Ishimatsu travels extensively in an effort to get as many images of reptiles and amphibians as she can. She recently head to Namibia with a group of herpetologist photographers hoping to capture shots of the Peringuey's adder and the other six species of vipers.

    Peringuey's adders are some of the smallest vipers in the world. Their color helps them blend in with their sandy surroundings and bury themselves in the sand to evade predators. To find all the vipers they were looking for, the group of friends engaged a tour agency The Naturalist Collection, and went to the destination with their guide Dayne Braine.

    Peringuey adder


    “As the sand is so soft, you can often see tracks showing where the snakes have traversed from one bush to another overnight,” Ishimatsu explained. “If you're very good at tracking (like Dayne is), you can follow the tracks and find the snake at the end of them. It sounds simple, but the sands move so much that the tracks are blown away soon after they're made.”

    Ishimatsu and her pals are really concerned about snakes and constantly make an effort to photograph them without stressing or upsetting them. Ishimatsu started taking pictures when their guide assisted them in finding a secretive Peringuey's adder. One of the pictures she managed to take astonished and delighted her.

    Peringuey adder


    Ishimatsu shared, “This has been my most successful photo to date.” “I've been a photographer for over 10 years, largely of reptiles and amphibians. I have photographed hundreds of snakes from all over the world … There's something about this shot that inspires a strong reaction. I think it's like one of those Magic Eye puzzles - it takes a minute for you to see the snake's eyes, and then when you do see them, it's startling to realize it's staring right at you.”

    It takes a moment or two to realize what the picture is actually of at first inspection. After all, Peringuey's adder is an expert at blending in. Yet once you see it, you can't look away.

    The party checked on the snake after snapping a few pictures, then saw him creep into a shadowy burrow. All six of the vipers they had set out to discover on that excursion were captured in photographs, but the Peringuey's adder was by far their best find.

    Peringuey adder


    Many people are afraid of snakes, but Ishimatsu has always thought them to be fascinating and beautiful, and she hopes that by sharing her images, others will feel the same way. “I hope that this photo helps people appreciate how special snakes are,” Ishimatsu said. “Peringuey's adders are perfectly adapted to their environment, and they, like all snakes, are worth protecting. I hope people can see the beauty in snakes, even if they find them frightening. With a little respect and understanding, we can coexist.”

    What do you think of this viper? What’s your impression of snakes in general? Let us know your thoughts in the comment segment below, and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button to get more fascinating photos and ideas from us!



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