Hilarious Photos Show That It's Amazing To Ride Any Car With Dog

Marlene 1 month ago
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If you’re ever looking for a way to keep entertained during a road trip, just bring your canine along for the ride.

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    Whether you own a dog or simply enjoy watching them, there's no denying that pups can be entertaining. Bring your dog along for the ride if you're looking for a way to keep your dog entertained on a road trip. They'll get their heads jammed in any tiny space they can find and make some really comical expressions at you and other drivers. Continue reading for some amusing photographs that demonstrate how comical dogs can be in the automobile.

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    #1. Grizzly Bear Alert!

    Dogs in Cars

    Source: Flickr

    If you've ever seen a photo of a shaved animal, you know they're not as cute when they're not covered in fur. This image exemplifies how shaggy coats can conceal our fuzzy buddies' more animalistic side.

    The wind is so strong that the dog's teeth are bared, revealing pointed canines that appear menacing. But we have to admit that the dog's mouth flapping uncontrollably in the wind isn't frightening.

    #2.  Wassup?

    Hilarious Photos of Dogs in Cars

    Source: Imgur

    This dog is unquestionably cooler than any human we've ever met. First and foremost, is it actually waving out the window at someone it recognizes? When you add the sunglasses, it's simply too cool for school. To be fair, any Rottweiler appears to be at the pinnacle of the dog hierarchy. Then you put on a chain collar, and you might as well sign this dog to a record label.


    Hilarious Dogs

    Source: Twitter

    Dogs are the only pets that know how to get excited. They may wag their tail so hard that their entire body gyrates! And we've never seen a dog's smile wider than when it's panting.

    But this dog takes the word "excited" to a whole new level. Its mouth is so large that it appears to be yawning, and its eyes appear to be about to come out. Everything makes sense once you see the stack of pizza boxes in the passenger seat.

    #4. The Stink Eye.

    Hilarious Dogs in Cars

    Source: Twitter

    This dog looks like it's giving the stink eye to someone who just cut him off! Not only is the canine clearly glaring out the window, but it's also got its paws crossed and is leaning to the side with some serious attitude.

    Any dog with that much personality belongs in Hollywood. We can just imagine if a professional actor gave a voice to this sassy canine. It'd be like Homeward Bound, only the driving edition!

    #5. The Perfect Size.

    funny dogs

    Source: Imgur

    This little fluffball, like the puppy snoozing on the armrest, looks just lovely cuddled up on the dashboard. The sunshine must be warm up there because the engine is down below, as are the vents that may be pouring out warm air. The nicest part is looking up and seeing the driver was stuck in traffic when this photo was shot. What a wonderful therapy dog!

    #6. I'm Such A Big Dog With My Seatbelt On.

    dogs meme

    Source: Twitter

    I've grown into a large pup! You can almost hear him thinking those thoughts as he rides shotgun with his human owner, sitting in the front seat with his seatbelt buckled around his teeny tiny frame. He appears to be rather serious about his restrictions.

    We have no idea if this sitting arrangement is any safer, but you can't dispute that it's pretty darn cute. Particularly with those back legs sticking straight up and the tail facing forward.

    #7. Peek-A-Boo!

    best dog for you

    Source: Imgur

    Have you ever pondered why you should be able to fold down a piece of your back seat when you could just fold down the entire thing? The purpose, it turns out, is to allow your dog to peer through when he's in the trunk!

    In all seriousness, who wouldn't want to look in their rearview mirror or turn around when backing up to see this cute scene? As distracting as that gorgeous face is, it is completely worth it.

    #8. I Wasn't Ready To Go.

    dog life style

    Source: Twitter

    This dog looks like it knows how to hold a grudge. It's looking out the window with furrowed brows as though it just crossed the point in its life where it's joined the dark side. Is a horror movie about to start, or is this dog just upset that it has to leave the park early? We honestly can't tell for sure, but this doesn't seem like the kind of dog that turns your frown upside-down.

    #9. I'm Just So Happy!

    Hilarious Photos of Dogs in Cars

    Source: Reddit

    You'll notice that practically every single dog on this list appears to be having a great time. This pup is most likely at the top of the list. Consider driving along the highway with a soft weight on your arm.

    When you look down, you see this adorable face with its eyes closed and tongue dangling out in pure delight. The best thing is that it was most likely just a pleasant walk or a trip to the dog park that elicited this reaction.

    #10. Cleaning The Teeth.

    Hilarious dogs

    Source: Flickr

    Dogs appear unmoved by the window, which blows their ears and face around like they're in hurricane strong winds. It must feel strange when the wind stops blowing! It's similar to a facial workout.

    This dog threw his muzzle out the window at a rate quick enough to blow his chops in the breeze. They'll have a dry mouth following this car ride, even if it gets the little bits of sweets off of their teeth.

    #11. Hey! It's A Beautiful Day!

    adorable Pomeranian

    Source: Twitter

    This adorable Pomeranian enjoys vehicle rides. This small dog is spreading delight throughout the neighborhood as their gorgeous coat blows in the breeze. Who can resist such expression? Photos like this demonstrate that we do not deserve dogs. There's no doubt that this dog cheers up everyone who sees them driving. We only wish that we had this much fun in the car!

    #12. We've Got Plans.

    Source: Twitter

    This German Shepard needs to get somewhere. He's here, ready to go, but his chauffeur evidently needed to stop by the quick store to purchase something. So he's simply sitting in the car, sunglasses on, completely natural. Hopefully, his human remembered to get him some beef jerky from the house. This dog appears to be in a hurry to get somewhere and has no time for these hassles.

    #13. Tongue In The Wind.

    Source: Imgur

    If we've learnt anything from this collection of dogs riding in cars, it's that each dog has their own unique take on automobile riding. Some prefer to sit in the front seat with their paw out the window, while others prefer the fur in the breeze effect. This dog's style revolves entirely around tongue action. This golden retriever keeps his or her tongue out the entire car ride, and see how far it flies!

    #14. Going On A Cruise With My Human.

    Source: Reddit

    This adorable Bernese mountain dog enjoys going for car rides with his owner. Other dogs are often relegated to the backseat, but this big boy rides shotgun with his best friend. Clearly, this isn't his first time in the driver's seat. He has the perfect casual, one paw out the window swagger. Other drivers can't help but notice this cool as a cucumber dog.

    #15. Santa?

    Source: Reddit

    This dog may have some little children at home because the only time we've seen that expression is when toddlers open their Christmas presents. The dog's brows are even raised, and it's not panting; it's simply smiling! We have to wonder if there is a human in there who has decided that life as a dog is a better option. We wish we were that enthusiastic about going for a car ride.

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