Gigantic Animals That Actually Exist?

Marlene 1 month ago
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Here are some modern-day gigantic animals that you didn't know existed will give you nightmares.

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    Looking far back in animal history, it's easy to assume that dinosaurs were massive. Many other animal species were as well, but as humans and other predators proliferated, animals no longer grew to their once-giant proportions. Animal gigantism is now largely found on islands, where the creatures are separated from their colonies on the mainland. Island animals have fewer predators and often better food and water resources.

    What's fascinating about the majority of the animals on this list is that they eat the same portion sizes as their regular-sized counterparts. Here are some modern-day megafauna that you probably didn't know existed and will give you nightmares.

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    #1. These Mega-Horns Aren't Photoshopped.

    the biggest cow

    Source: Pinterest

    This steer isn't the biggest cow by any means, but his massive horns look like something out of a science fiction movie. They appear to be CGI-ed versions of our wildest fantasies, but they are completely real. Lurch, an African Watusi steer, possesses the world's largest horn circumference at 37.5 inches.

    His horns were ultimately his undoing. The sad creature died in 2010 when cancer advanced to the base of his horns. Lurch's legend will live on in our memories, and he is survived by his adoring owner Janice Wolf, who lives in Gassville, Arkansas.

    #2. The World's Largest Tortoise Was Weighed 919 lbs.

    The World's Largest Tortoise

    Source: Imgur

    Goliath was the largest of all the tortoises. This hatchling was adopted by Seffner's Life Fellowship Bird Sanctuary in the 1960s and continued to develop until he weighed 919 pounds. Though most tortoises reach maturity at the age of 30, Goliath never stopped growing.

    Goliath tortoises thrive on the Galapagos Islands and the Aldabra Atoll. It is estimated that roughly 25,000 of these critters live in those places, but they were once more common. Goliath died in 2002, but his fame as the world's largest tortoise goes on.

    #3. A Whopping 36-Foot Great White Was Pulled Up In South Australia.

    biggest sharks

    Source: GWR

    Great white sharks are famous for, well, being great. These sharks average 20 feet in length and 5,000 pounds, but they can grow much larger. According to The Guinness Book of World Records, the two largest great white sharks ever caught were 36 and 37 feet long.

    The largest of the group was captured in Port Fairy, South Australia, in the 1870s, while the lesser behemoth was caught in New Brunswick, Canada, in the 1930s. Could you fathom how big those teeth were?

    #4. This 922-Pound Liger Is The World's Largest Living Cat.

    The World's Largest Living Cat

    Source: giveitlove

    Hercules certainly lives up to his name, weighing 922 pounds. The Myrtle Beach Safari wildlife preserve is home to this liger, a hybrid offspring of a lion and a tiger. He's 131 inches long and 49 inches tall at the shoulder, but he's not quite as intimidating as he appears.

    He still enjoys being fed a bottle of milk by his guardians, and despite weighing more than 100 times the usual weight of a domestic cat, he still enjoys playing like a kitten. Ligers are the largest of the big cats, growing to be twice as huge as a purebred tiger or lion.

    #5. The Biggest Earthworm Is Over Nine Feet Long.

    The Biggest Earthworm

    Source: Facebook

    We don't like to think about slippery, slipping things lurking just beneath the surface, but it's a fact of life. Nature is full of wonders, some of which are bizarre worms. One of the largest objects lying beneath the surface is Australia's Giant Gippsland earthworm. It can grow to be 9.8 feet long and survive for up to five years (yes, this massive invertebrate finishes kindergarten).

    But don't worry. This worm is unlikely to be lurking beneath your front lawn. They thrive in the moist, clay subsoils of river banks and rarely emerge to the surface (unlike their smaller relatives, who come up to defecate every now and then).

    #6. Frankie The Great Dane Is 2016's Biggest Dog Ever.

    Biggest Dog

    Source: Imgur

    Frankie the Great Dane may appear threatening, but the seven-foot-tall canine has a golden heart. The dog from England also holds a record. The Guinness Book of World Records proclaimed him the tallest dog in the world in December 2016 (although Big George surpassed him in 2017).

    This huge pooch weighs a remarkable 15 stone (210 pounds), and it costs around £100 ($134) every week just to feed him. What is his favorite food? A full roast chicken or peanut butter on toast are both options. He also enjoys eating sofas and has destroyed 23 of them in his lifespan.

    #7. Goliath Frog.

    Giant Frog

    Source: giveitlove

    Although it is not the largest amphibian on the planet, the Goliath frog is the largest living species of frog on the planet! They can weigh up to seven pounds and are exclusively found on the African continent in the rivers of Cameroon and the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

    Spiders, small snakes, crabs, turtles, smaller frogs, worms, and other invertebrates are all eaten by Goliath frogs. They only eat little snakes since larger snakes devour Goliath frogs. Goliath frogs can live for up to 15 years and are considered an endangered species.

    #8. Gary The Capybara.

    Giant rodent

    Source: Pinterest

    Gary the Capybara is the largest pet rodent in the world. Gary, who is around the size of a medium-sized dog, is a much-loved member of his owner's family. Melanie Typaldos and Richard Loveman met Gary in Venezuela on a trip and fell in love with him, finally taking him back to her home in Texas.

    Gary spends his days swimming in his owners' pool and is known to be a quick learner. Gary, according to Ms. Typaldos, knows how to turn in circles, stand up, leap, and shake hands when instructed. Gary's favorite location to sleep is in the family bed, right next to his owners.

    #9. Cinereous Vulture Has An 8-10 Foot Wingspan.

    Giant Vulture

    Source: GWR

    These are the world's largest predatory birds. They have a wingspan of 8-10 feet and can weigh up to 31 pounds. These huge birds can be found across Europe and Asia. Females are a little larger than males. They are also one of the heaviest flying birds in the planet. The Cinereous Vulture is mostly solitary, however it does occasionally reside in pairs.

    However, groups of up to 20 birds may congregate to feed on carcasses. Their main source of food is carrion. They are considered "near threatened" because to habitat degradation and eating poisoned bait used to kill dogs and other animals.

    #10. Holy Ham! This Chinese Pig Weighed 1,984 Pounds.

    Giant Pig

    Source: Facebook

    Pigs can weigh anywhere from 100 to 240 pounds, depending on the breed. This guy weighted more than ten times as much! This massive pig is from China. He was so massive that he weighed a whopping 1,984 pounds. He was carefully cared for during his brief life -- he only lived until the age of five. He was, nevertheless, fed high-quality food and resided in a very lovely pigsty. The Liaoning Provincial Agricultural Museum was so proud of the animal that they petitioned the Guinness Book of Records to include him as the world's largest pig.

    #11. The Giant Oarfish Resembles A Sea Monster.

    The Giant Oarfish

    Source: GWR

    The world's longest bony fish is the enormous oarfish. They can grow to be 110 feet long. The largest documented oarfish weighed 600 pounds. Because these deep-sea fish are so massive, they make headlines whenever they wash up on shore. Because of their size, they have been mistaken for "sea serpents" on several occasions.

    They swim in an undulating pattern and are silver with dark patterns. They get their name from their long, oar-shaped fins. There is very little known about these species. Krill, other small crustaceans, fish, and squid make up their food. Adults prefer to be alone.

    #12. Chilli The Giant Cow Weighs 2,750 Pounds.

    giant cow

    Source: Today

    Chilli the giant cow, who reaches 6 feet 6 inches tall, is cared for by Jenny Wheadon of Ferne Animal Sanctuary in Somerset, England. She revealed to Today in 2008, "He's fed exactly the same as the other cattle — just fresh Somerset grass and good air."

    Chilli stands 18 inches taller than a standard-sized cow and weighs an estimated 2,750 pounds. He and four other cows were left at the sanctuary one morning, although they were all regular size. Jenny said, "He just grew and continued to grow and grow."

    #13. A Jellyfish Larger Than A Human!

    giant Jellyfish

    Source: Twitter

    Lizzy Daly and Dan Abbot, a biologist and underwater cameraman, were diving off the coast of England in July 2019 when they encountered an extraordinarily massive barrel jellyfish that was larger than Daly! She captioned this photo "Woah!!!!!" and shared it on social media. We went diving in Falmouth yesterday to round up #WildOceanWeek, and we stumbled across this GIANT barrel jellyfish! What a way to cap off this underwater wildlife adventure!"

    Daly and Abbot were filming wildlife interactions for the Marine Conservation Society as part of a fundraising initiative. According to Wikipedia, the creatures are typically 16 inches in diameter, but can grow to be more than 35 inches in some circumstances (such as this one).

    #14. World’s Biggest Bunnies.

    giant bunny

    Source: GWR

    The Guinness Book of World Records recognizes Darius the bunny as the longest bunny at 4 feet and 4 inches, but his son Jeff the bunny now surpasses him at 4 feet 5 inches, and Darius' daughter Enya is predicted to surpass them both! The continental large breed of bunnies, which was intended for meat, makes excellent home pets.

    Darius is so enormous that Annette Edwards, his owner, keeps him in his own dog crate! Darius's size necessitates the consumption of almost 2,000 carrots and 700 apples per year, in addition to a substantial amount of rabbit food.

    #15. Owner Says 3,682 Pound Bull Is "All Muscle".

    giant bull

    Source: giveitlove

    A bull named Field Marshall from England weighed 3,682 pounds in 2009. This was significant because he weighed 300 pounds less a year before. "He's in very good health, and there's no reason why he won't keep growing," said owner Arthur Duckett, 80. He's only eight, and unless something unexpected happens, he'll continue to grow. He's not obese, though; he's all muscle. I could feed him more, but I don't want him to look hideous; instead, I want him to be healthy and gain weight organically. That's why I keep him outside in a field rather than inside.''

    Giant animals are not only dinosaurs. Do you know any other large animals? Share with us! No matter how animals look, it's adorable. If you found this post helpful, don't forget to check out our homepage at Dardarkom for more fun and adorable content about entertainment, humor, memes and animals.



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