Fun Ways To Weigh Animals On The Scales That Will Make You Laugh

Marlene 2 month ago
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We would like to show you photos that display how you can weigh different kinds of animals.

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    Professional caregivers must assess an animal's size and weight to ensure that it is healthy and developing correctly. However, neither party finds it simple. So zookeepers and shelter workers devise new techniques to weigh their foster children, some of which are quite weird, while others are plain charming. We would like to show you photos that display how you can weigh different kinds of animals.

    #1. How To Weigh A Prairie Dog — Step 1: Lure Him With A Walnut.

    How To Weigh A Prairie Dog

    Source: Twitter

    #2. To Weigh A Squirrel Monkey, You Should Put Some Mealworms Into A Bucket Attached To The Scale.

     Weigh A Squirrel Monke

    Source: Elliot Franks

    #3. The Easiest Way To Weigh A Wild Sloth.

    Weigh A Wild Sloth

    Source: Twitter

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    #4. Kittens Have To Be Tricked Into Being Weighed.

    how to weigh a kitten

    Source: Reddit

    #5.  “Today At The Zoo, I Learned How Zookeepers Weigh Turtles: Upside Down On A Can.”

    how to weigh turtles

    Source: Twitter

    #6. This Baby Elephant Is Bravely Standing On The Scale On It Own.

    how to weigh baby elephant

    Source: Jochen Luebke

    #7. There Are Special Spoons To Weigh Small Frogs.

     Weigh Small Frogs

    Source: East News

    #8. If You Want To Weigh A Lemur, Turn The Process Into A Game.

    Weigh A Lemur

    Source: Getty Images

    #9. “At A Bird Banding Station, We Use Burritos To Weigh The Owls We Catch.”

    Weigh The Owls

    Source: Reddit

    #10. To Calm Down A Baby Koala, Zookeepers Sometimes Use A Tree Limb.

    A Baby Koala

    Source: Facebook

    Does your pet enjoy being weighed? Do you know of any other amazing facts? Please share them with us in the comment section below. To see more articles about this adorable animal, visit Dardarkom and check it out with us!



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