Facts About Baby Animals That Make Us Want to Thank Mother Earth

Marlene 2 month ago
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We got lost in the world of itty-bitty baby creatures and gives you the cutest photographs with the cutest facts to go with them.

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    According to one study, staring at cute animal photographs can help you focus. And when we add infant animal facts to the mix, the fun multiplies. We can't get enough of a baby elephant with no idea what to do with that "arm" on its face, or a pygmy marmoset infant "talking" like a baby — even if it's the size of a panda bear cub at birth. We got lost in the world of itty-bitty baby creatures and gives you the cutest photographs with the cutest facts to go with them.

    #1. Baby Rabbits Are Also Called Kittens.

    Baby Rabbits

    Source: majormandible

    We all know that a kitten is a baby cat. A baby rabbit, like a kitten, is also a baby beaver. As a result, cats do not have a monopoly on the term.

    #2. When Born, A Giraffe Calf Falls 6 Feet To The Ground.

    A Giraffe Calf

    Source: YourLocalImgurZookeeper

    Human babies are fortunate in that they are born into waiting hands and undergo numerous detailed medical procedures such as snipping the umbilical cord and persuading the baby to take its first breath. Giraffe calves, on the other hand, can fall up to 6 feet (2 meters). This cuts the umbilical connection, giving them the shock and motivation to take a breath.

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    #3. Elephant Calves Don’t Know How To Use Their Trunks.

    Elephant Calves

    Source: shutterstocks

    Elephant calves are endearingly clumsy at birth, much like most of the other large land mammal babies. Other than learning how to stand, walk, and do other elephant stuff, they also have to learn how to use their trunks.

    #4. Parrot Chicks Have Their Very Own Name For Life.

    Parrot Chicks

    Source: shutterstocks

    A study discovered that parrot parents name their babies with different call signs. While it may not be John or Jim, each baby has a unique birdsong. According to study, the acoustic identity is permanent.

    #5. Baby Orangutans Take 8 Years To Wean From Their Moms.

    Baby Orangutans

    Source: Depositphotos

    Human babies are exclusively breastfed for 6 months, or rather, that’s the ideal, according to the World Health Organization. But orangutan infants can breastfeed for up to 8 years in the wild.

    #6. Dolphin Calves Can Drink Milk Underwater.

    Dolphin Calve

    Source: TroyEmge

    Dolphins and whales are both types of aquatic mammals. They not only give birth to children underwater, but they also breastfeed them. This is due to the dolphin mothers' inverted nipples and voluntary milk ejections.

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    #7. Koala Joeys Are The Size Of A Jelly Bean At Birth.

    Koala Joeys

    Source: shutterstocks

    Koala bears are the natural world's embodiment of maternal love. Koalas, like kangaroos, are marsupials with a particular stomach pouch for the newborn to sit in, similar to nature's incubator. When koala joeys are born, they are the size of a jelly bean, around 2 cm long, and weigh less than a gram.

    #8. Reptile Hatchlings Have An Egg Tooth To Break The Shell.

    Reptile Hatchlings

    Source: Depositphotos

    Oviparous, or egg-laying animals, begin their lives by breaking free from the egg with a little assistance from nature. Egg teeth are found in reptiles, birds, and other creatures that hatch. It's a protuberance at the end of their snouts or on top of their beaks that assists them in breaking out from the egg. The egg tooth is later reabsorbed by the body.

    #9. Puppies Can Be Born As Identical Twins.

    Puppies twin

    Source: Reddit

    It’s taken the world a while to recognize this fact, but even puppies can be born as identical twins. While it’s common for pups of the same litter to look alike, identical pups are startlingly the same.

    #10. Panda Bear Cubs Are Born The Size Of A Stick Of Butter.

    Panda Bear Cub

    Source: Depositphotos

    Panda mothers give birth to pups who are 1/900th their size, weighing barely 90-130 grams – the same as a standard stick of butter — only pinker, wigglier, and blinder. This results in one of nature's most extreme size disparities between a newborn and an adult.

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    #11. Baby Langurs Are Often A Different Color From Their Parents.

    Baby Langurs

    Source: Depositphotos

    Human babies have the same skin color as their parents, while langur babies are born a distinct color. The babies of the Dusky Leaf Langur (seen above), the Red Langur, and the François' Langur, for example, are all different colors from the adults. This is to make it easier for the group's females to identify and care for the newborns.

    #12. Baby Turtles Can Communicate From Within The Egg.

    Baby Turtles

    Source: ItsLikeUmTotally

    According to one study, baby turtles can begin conversing from within the egg. When the researchers placed a microphone against the eggs, they were shocked to hear noises. This, it appears, aids the baby turtles in planning their hatching and eventual migration to the water.

    Which of these baby animal facts made you stand up and applaud nature? Do you know of any other amazing facts? Please share them with us in the comment section below. To see more articles about this adorable animal, visit Dardarkom and check it out with us!



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