Does Elon Musk Have A Scar On His Neck?

Dardarkom 2 month ago
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Internet users were quick to discover a scar on American business magnate Elon Musk's neck after he appeared on the April 17 episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight. During the course of the conversation...

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    Internet users were quick to discover a scar on American business magnate Elon Musk's neck after he appeared on the April 17 episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight. During the course of the conversation, the 51-year-old person voiced their fear regarding the potential outcomes of continued advancements in AI. He issued a stern warning that AI has the risk of bringing about "civilization destruction." Musk detailed the time he spent working on artificial intelligence (AI) with Google co-founder Larry Page, and how he would frequently remind Page of the need of AI "safety."

    Does Elon Musk Have A Scar On His Neck?

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    The scar on Elon Musk's neck is the consequence of two procedures that were performed on his spinal cord. In the year 2020, Elon Musk opened out about the difficulties he had dealing with neck and back problems. Because of the scar on his neck, a person on Twitter going by the handle @flyerandyp questioned Elon Musk on October 17, 2020 as to whether or not he underwent spinal cord surgery.

    He stated that a Mobi-C disc had been surgically inserted in his cervical spine between his C5 and C6 vertebrae. However, the bone spur that was pressing against his spinal cord during the first operation was not successfully removed, and he had a second procedure to resolve the issue.

    In a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, Elon Musk suggested that he supports the government's controls over artificial intelligence, despite the fact that he does not like being controlled and does not want to be controlled. He is concerned that by the time artificial intelligence "may be in control," it would be too late to implement restrictions. The authors state that "a regulatory agency needs to begin with a group that seeks insight into AI," followed by "soliciting the opinion of industry," and finally "having proposed rule-making."

    He Talks About The Future AI In The Interview

    In addition to this, he asserted that despite the fact that chimpanzees are more agile and powerful than humans, we still have the advantage owing to our higher intelligence. He predicted that ultimately, artificial intelligence will be more productive than humans. What will occur when artificial intelligence based on silicon vastly surpasses even the most intelligent human being? It is difficult to predict what will take place given the circumstances.

    After that point, there is no longer any guarantee of anything; it is a singularity, much like a black hole. Predictions are, at best, quite questionable. I am of the opinion that artificial intelligence (AI) should be treated with caution and that some type of governmental oversight is required. This is due to the fact that AI may constitute a threat to the general population. Musk has been quoted as saying that regulation is necessary so that firms do not cut corners on the safety of their employees and customers.

    Being ruled is not something to make light of. Being subject to authority is a trying and upsetting experience. Because of the stringent regulations that are placed on the automotive business, I have a great deal of experience working in highly regulated industries. This space may be large enough to accommodate all of the regulations that need to be satisfied before a car can enter the manufacturing stage in the United States.

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