Diver Was Perplexed By What A Seal Was Trying To Tell Him

Marlene 1 month ago
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People can get up close with exotic fish, coral, and other undersea fauna that they might otherwise only see in pictures. Such was the case for one experienced diver and his friend who captured everything on camera when some seals approached them.

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    Scuba diving allows humans to delve beneath the surface of the deep blue sea to learn about a whole other world that exists within it. People can get up close and personal with exotic fish, coral, and other undersea creatures that they might only see in images otherwise. If they're really lucky, they might even get up close and personal with some of the sea's most magnificent species! This was the situation with one expert diver and his friend, who recorded everything as some seals approached.

    #1. Diving In The Isles Of Scilly.

    divers play with seals

    Source: Youtube

    When two unsuspecting scuba divers entered the frigid waters of the Isles of Scilly, they were in for a once-in-a-lifetime encounter. This archipelago, located off the coast of Cornwall, relies greatly on the cultivation of cut flowers, primarily daffodils. However, the Isles of Scilly are a major tourist destination in the United Kingdom, and visitors come to view much more than flowers. These scuba divers were aware of the importance of looking beneath the surface.

    #2. A Surprise Appearance.

    divers play with seals

    Source: Youtube

    When Grayson and his diving partner ventured underwater that day, it wasn't ancient wreckage that drew their attention. There was some interesting flora and animals to look at, but that wasn't what stopped them. Grayson and his companion were caught aback when two Atlantic grey seals emerged out of nowhere. Some people may be alarmed by the sight because seals aren't usually as kind and gentle as we portray them to be.

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    #3. The Best Action Was No Action.

    the seal

    Source: Andrew Bunday

    Divers are taught not to disturb animals in their natural habitat, especially when the consequences could be far worse for the diver than for the animal. Grayson and his diving partner did their best to remain cool as they noticed the approaching seals. Most seals are recognized among divers for being curious and playful, but some have been known to become violent with humans who appear to be threatening. Grayson tried not to come out as threatening.

    #4. Remain Calm And Still.

    funny seals

    Source: Andrew Bunday


    While Grayson and his companion stayed cool, the two seals approached them. They remained as motionless as they could, but they realized this would be an amazing moment to document, so they got out their camera.

    Seals are known to swoop in from behind or appear in the middle of dense kelp forests, such as the one these divers were approaching. The divers kept the video going in anticipation of what might happen next.

    #5. Going Into The Unknown.

    divers play with seals

    Source: star5112

    Nature is inherently unpredictable, particularly when it comes to the ocean, the world's greatest natural environment. Because there is still so much of the deep blue that humans have yet to discover, divers never know what they will find when they go diving. Gary Grayson is well-known for his diving videography, but this time he was the one who got to experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

    #6. The Footage Seen By Millions.

    adorable wild seals

    Source: Youtube

    Fortunately, Grayson dove with a friend who was there to film the entire incident. They had no idea at the time that they would be capturing stunning footage that would cause millions of people across the world to lose their minds when it went viral on YouTube. As the divers continued to video, the seals swam closer and closer to them. In fact, the infamous film starts with a seal right next to the camera.

    #7. They Were Just Babies.

    wild seals

    Source: Youtube

    These beautiful seals continued to approach, and the divers quickly realized that these guys were just puppies. Grayson and his friend realized how vital it was to be still in that moment once they realized this.

    They wanted the newborn seals to feel safe and secure enough to linger. The puppies were probably more wary because they were young, and the chances of their swimming away were increased.

    #8. Meeting A New Friend.

    divers play with seals

    Source: Youtube

    Grayson and his diving partner couldn't believe what was going on around them. The seals were so close that they were completely immersed in the moment. Seals don't normally open up so quickly since they, too, exercise extreme caution to ensure their own safety. To the divers' surprise, the seals swam right up to them, as if they wanted to befriend them! It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that everyone on the planet got to witness.

    To the divers' surprise, the seals got so close that they started to interact too! One of the seals started nudging Grayson and it appeared as if he was trying to hold his hands. The seal was holding out his flippers like he wanted Grayson to reach out with his own arms so they could play "Ring Around the Rosie."

    Source: Youtube

    A seal unexpectedly approaching a human is usually interpreted as aggressive. Fortunately, Grayson and his friend handled it so beautifully that the seals wanted to play! The seal began play-fighting by chewing at Grayson's garment after nuzzling his arm. Meanwhile, the second seal was at ease enough with humans to swim around them and go about its business. Perhaps it was looking out for its friend in the same way Grayson was. Grayson and his diving companion, on the other hand, couldn't believe their good fortune! It was undoubtedly a diving excursion they will never forget. But it was what the seal did next that made it truly unforgettable.

    These seals are so friendly and adorable. How do you feel? No matter what the animal looks like, it's adorable. If you found this post helpful, don't forget to check out our homepage at Dardarkom for more fun and adorable content about entertainment, humor, memes and animals.



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