Can Mandalorians Get Married? Comprehensively Explained

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Fans are curious to know how the other communities in the Star Wars Universe, such as the Mandalorian community, view weddings. Here is how Mandalorian weddings are held.

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    Fans are curious to know how the other communities in the Star Wars Universe, such as the Mandalorian community, have weddings. Mandalorians have a simple marriage process where the couple privately exchanges vows and then celebrates with their families and friends. Here is how Mandalorian weddings are held.


    #1. Can Mandalorians get married?

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    Yes, Mandalorians place great importance on marriage and family, and they often marry when they turn sixteen. Customs for the wedding may differ, but marriages are expected to be lifelong. A Mandalorian can marry anyone, regardless of culture or background, and if the spouse is not a Mandalorian, they may take up the Mandalorian culture and become one. This is seen in the novels, where Clones and a Jedi have married Mandalorians and become Mandalorians themselves.

    #2. How Do Mandalorian Weddings Go?

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    Mandalorians highly value family and show love and devotion to their loved ones. As part of their culture, weddings usually occur when a Mandalorian turns sixteen years old. There is a traditional way of conducting these weddings and a strong expectation for them to be for life. The ceremonies are usually simple, and it is possible for Mandalorians to marry anyone, even non-Mandalorians who can adopt the Mandalorian culture. Examples of this can be seen in the Mandalorian novels, such as the cases of Clones marrying Mandalorians, a Mandalorian marrying a resident of Coruscant, and another Mandalorian marrying a Jedi.

    #3. Is Same-sex Marriage Allowed in The Mandalorian Society?

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    Yes, same-sex marriage is accepted in Mandalorian society. The human male Mandalorian, contract killer and bounty hunter Goram Beviin shows this. 

    At some point in his life, he met the blacksmith Medrit Vasur, who is also a male. The two of them married and lived on the Beviin-Vasur farm near the Mandalorian city of Keldabe. Since they are fully integrated into Mandalorian society, it implies that Mandalorians see nothing wrong with that.

    #4.Can Mandalorians divorce?

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    Yes, but only under specific conditions.Suppose a Mandalorian acted unfaithfully during a long separation, and that resulted in a child. The Mandalorian will be forgiven if they agree that the married couple would raise the child that resulted from the indiscretion. In this case, a divorce is not needed.

    But in other cases, like when a partner has neglected their responsibilities or failed to live up to them, the partners can divorce each other. That can be done with a declaration that they were shuk'la riduurok. That is Mandalorian for “a broken love.”

    #5. Can Mandalorians show their helmets to their spouses?

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    This is one of the most common questions that pop up when talking about Mandalorians and weddings. Do they take their helmets off during weddings to kiss? Likewise, do they take it off when making love? Mandalorians' strictness to their creed is one of the most important themes in Star Wars. Specifically, they are not allowed to take their helmets off to show their faces to any living thing.  But, we have seen some Mandalorians in the past, and in the show – The Mandalorian remove their helmets. That raises confusion. Why is that?

    Bo-Katan Kryze clarified the issue in season 2 of The Mandalorian. There are different groups of Mandalorians. And like on Earth, different groups and communities have different rules, depending on cultural and religious beliefs. The Mandalorians that keep their faces hidden are only a minority religious group that belongs to the Children of the Watch. They are the only Mandalorians that follow this rule. That said, some Mandalorians can remove their helmets during the wedding while others can't. 

    #6. Where are Mandalorian weddings held?

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    Mandalorian weddings are typically attended by only the couple getting married. They can exchange vows in person, via written text, or even through comlink no matter where they are located in the galaxy. After making their vows, they typically travel to a pre-determined location to celebrate with family and friends. As the Mandalorian people have strong ties to Mandalore, it is likely that the celebration will be held on the planet.

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