Barry Season 4 Preview: Release Date, Cast and Plot Revealed

Lynne 2 month ago
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Here is everything you can catch up on about Barry season 4. The series also stars Henry Winkler, Sarah Goldberg, Stephen Root, and others.

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    When viewers last saw Barry Berkman, he was in an extremely difficult situation. Since then, viewers have been eagerly awaiting the fourth season of the show. The premiere of Barry season 4 will take place on Sunday, April 16th and is sure to be a dramatic start. To ensure that you don't miss a single episode, here is when new episodes will air.

    HBO’s Barry follows Barry Berkman (Bill Hader), a hit-man for hire who suddenly decides to turn his life around and pursue acting. Unfortunately, when your past is as dark as Barry’s, trouble will always follow. Here is everything you can catch up on about Barry season 4. The series also stars Henry Winkler, Sarah Goldberg, Stephen Root, and others.

    #1. When is Barry season 4 released?

    Barry season 4 release date

    Source: Parade

    New episodes will air on the HBO network Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET and become available to stream on the HBO Max platform at the same time. On premiere day (April 16), two episodes will drop, but only one episode will follow each Sunday after until episode 8 on May 28. Barry season 4 includes eight episodes, each one directed by Bill Hader.

    #2. Barry season 4 release schedule

    Barry season 4 release date

    Source: Variety

    Here’s the season 4 episode schedule for the fourth and final season of the HBO hit series:
    Episode 1 “yikes,” April 16
    Episode 2 “bestest place on the earth,” April 16
    Episode 3 “you’re charming,” April 23
    Episode 4 “it takes a psycho,” April 30
    Episode 5 “tricky legacies,” May 7
    Episode 6 “the wizard,” May 14
    Episode 7 “a nice meal,” May 21
    Episode 8, title TBA, May 28
    As you can see, the episode title to the series finale has not yet been announced. When new details surface, we’ll update this post! In the meantime, why not rewatch your favorite episodes of the series ahead of the season 4 premiere — all are streaming on HBO Max.

    #3. Barry season 4 plot revealed

    Barry season 4 release date

    Source: IMDb

    The big question for Barry season 4 is "how soon is Barry going to get out of this jam?" Because while the titular hitman who just wants to act has spent the better part of three seasons trying to escape the one job he's actually good at, he now has to figure out a new escape. It's unclear if the plot to bring Barry in was all Gene Cousineau or if Jim Moss had a role to play too, but it feels like those two may be looking over their shoulders were Barry to break free. 
    Oh, and there's some funny timing about Barry getting arrested. He could run across Fuches in prison, as his former mentor also got caught at the end of the season.

    Then, there's the story of NoHo Hank and Cristobal. Now that our favorite Chechen mobster has saved his lover, the two need to get home in one piece. In the Barry world, odds say they don't have a safe trip back, and will have more chaos to dodge. Once they're safe and sound, we bet these lovers will want the same thing Barry does: to escape the life of crime.
    Lastly, let's give a moment to Sally, who will likely be offended she's not getting higher billing here. Traveling back to Joplin to get back in touch with her roots, Sally now has an enemy in former friend Natalie Greer. But considering how this show works, we bet the two will wind up working together again, just like how Cousineau's on his own forgiveness tour.

    #4. How many episodes are in Barry season 4?

    Barry season 4

    Source: Tv Line

    Barry season 4 is confirmed to have eight episodes, following the episode count of the first three seasons. Each installment lasts between 26-35 minutes in length and the episode titles have always remained in lower caps as a stylistic choice.

    It’s already been confirmed that season 4 will begin with a double bill. After the first two episodes premiere on April 16, the series will then settle down into releasing weekly on a Sunday. In our full release schedule for Barry season 4, we include the episode titles that we know so far and the air date for the finale.


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