Baby Gorilla Just Wants To Play But Its Grumpy Father Won't Allow It

Marlene 2 month ago
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Let’s meet the gorilla Oumbi to see how he reacts to the naughty pranks of his overreact son.

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    Despite their love for their children, parents can find them difficult at times. Especially when mom and dad are fatigued from a hard day at work, their lively youngsters can quickly burn them up by fooling around and inadvertently disrupting the sole restful time of the day. Surprisingly, animals have family moments like this as well. Today, we'll meet the gorilla Oumbi and discover how he reacts to his overreacting son's wicked pranks.

    Oumbi is a silver-back western lowland gorilla that has lived at Twycross Zoo for many years. Despite his surly demeanor, Oumbi is a caring friend and a wonderful father to Lope, his 10-year-old son. Let's find out with Dardarkom!

    baby gorilla and grumpy dad

    Source: Twycross Zoo

    Lope is a smart and mischievous zoo youngster. He enjoys spending time with his family, especially with his father. But the elderly Oumbi is a cool dad who isn't always in the mood for monkeying around, therefore visitors frequently encounter Lope playing around with his harsh father only to involve him in his play.

    funny gorilla

    Source: rumble

    “Keepers occasionally see him playing with Lope, but once he’s been caught he immediately stops and acts like the big boss again!!” told the Twycross Zoo. It was a gorgeous day, and all Oumbi wanted was a tranquil morning, but his lovely son didn't seem to understand. Lope began doing all he could to irritate his father in order to prevent him from falling asleep.

    funny animals

    Source: rumble

    Lope began his ridiculous series of antics as Oumbi was resting under a pavilion. He took his father's wood shavings and stuffed them into his own head. When he started bouncing and prancing around with ridiculous wood shavings in his head, he looked like a clown.

    Source: rumble

    Lope then approached his father and began beating his chest in order to generate some noise. To distract Oumbi, he even hit him from the other side of the fence. Unfortunately, the quiet father was not impressed by these bothersome acts. Oumbi completely ignored his son and continued to sleep. 

    Source: rumble

    After the first failure, Lope devised a new strategy. The son refused to give up, believing that there was more than one method to rouse his father. He then began lingering around his father and acting foolishly in order to catch his father's attention.

    Source: rumble

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    Lope kept watching Oumbi's face through the fence while carrying out the plan, and he realized his father was completely insane. Nonetheless, he continued to play with his father. Soon after, Oumbi was so exhausted that he couldn't ignore his son any longer. He angrily stuffed some wood shavings into his head to make himself as ridiculous as his son desired.

    Source: rumble

    His annoying face was like “Yeah yeah, here you go kid, satisfied?”.

    Baby gorilla with grumpy dad

    Source: rumble

    But the play hadn’t ended yet. Lope tried to engage his father into the peek-a-boo game as he thought it was so funny. He continued moving in and out and it definitely irritated his dad a lot.

    Source: rumble

    The grumpy dad even threw the nearby bough away since he was too tired. Let’s just see how annoyed Oumbi was!!!

    Baby gorilla with grumpy dad

    Source: rumble

    Watch the full video here

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