Are Josh And Casey On Deadliest Catch? Fully Explained

Lynne 2 month ago
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With 17 seasons and 15 years on air, it’s not a wonder why fans of “Deadliest Catch” have come to care about the show’s cast so much. So do you want to know what Josh Harris and Casey are doing now? Keep with us to discover it!

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    With 17 seasons and 15 years on air, it’s not a wonder why fans of “Deadliest Catch” have come to care about the show’s cast so much. Granted, a big part of the series’ appeal is the danger and difficulties that Alaskan commercial fishers have to go through to put food on their table, but the reason “Deadliest Catch” has caught the attention of people for so many years can be only attributed to the cast’s own charisma, and relatable personal stories.

    A good example of this is Josh Harris, whose difficult life as the Cornerlia Marie’s Co-captain He and Captain Casey McManus, can only be compared to his tumultuous personal life and family tragedy, making him one of the show’s most interesting stars, even regardless of his young age. So do you want to know what Josh Harris and Casey are doing now? Keep with us to discover it!

    #1. Who Is Josh Harris?

    Are Josh And Casey On Deadliest Catch

    Source: TV Guide

    Most people know him since he made his debut on TV through “Deadliest Catch” in 2007. However, we know you most-likely don’t know many important details about his life, but that’s what we’re for. Josh, whose full name is Joshua Grant Harris, is the oldest son from Phil and Mary Harris’ marriage.

    Following the couple’s divorce in the early 1990s, both Josh and his younger brother Jake were taken under Phil’s wing, which explains very well both guys’ presence on the fishing vessels. With the passing of time, Josh and his brother became his father’s ship deckhands. However, what happened during those years regarding their personal lives isn’t really known, except that in 1992 Phil married Theresa, but that relationship also ended in divorce by 2006.

    #2. What Happened With Josh Harris?

    Are Josh And Casey On Deadliest Catch

    Source: IMDb

    It’s a well-known fact that commercial fishing is a highly dangerous profession, and as a proof of that, “Deadliest Catch” itself has showcased extensive footage of the many shipwrecks which occurred throughout the years the show has aired.

    However, this fortunately is not the case of Josh Harris, oldest son of the fan-favourite, the late Cornelia Marie’s Captain Phil Harris. Meaning that while life on board of a commercial fishing boat is of course hard and difficult, nothing negative has happened to Josh recently that you should worry about.

    Nowadays, Josh is pretty much busy taking care of Cornelia Marie, whose current Captain is Casey McManus. Not only that, Josh is still an active cast member of “Deadliest Catch”, and even better, in early 2021 he was even cast as the main star spot in the Discovery spin-off series “Bloodline“, which follows him and the entire Cornelia Marie’s staff into a seemingly unrelenting search of Phil Harris’ fishing guides of Hawaii. Their journey took them to big spots of Hawaii’s Big Islands, while still trying to achieve their crab fishing goal of that season.

    #3. Why Is Josh Harris No Longer A Captain?

    Are Josh And Casey On Deadliest Catch

    Source: TC

    Cornelia Marie’s current Captain is Casey McManus, who prior to the 17th season of “Deadliest Catch” had been sharing the Captain’s seat with Josh. However, if you haven’t been up to date with “Deadliest Catch”, you might be wondering why.

    Before you worry about this, it’s important to point out that Josh is still involved with the Cornelia Marie. The thing is that in 2021, he was offered the Co-Captain seat of the Time Bandit by its Captain John Hillstrand. While Josh at first doubted if leaving his own ship was the right decision, he ended up accepting the offer, as the agreement was only temporary, and considered a favor to Hillstrand, who isn’t only Josh’s long-time friend, but was also close to his late father.

    The reason the Time Bandit needed someone to share Hillstrand’s helm wasn’t a coincidence. In fact, it was because the ship’s second in command, Andy Hillstrand was unable to join the fishing season after contracting COVID-19. As expected, Josh also talked with Casey about it, and they agreed that they were doing the right thing. Will Josh Harris come back to the Cornelia in the future? That’s for sure, so his fans don’t have to worry about it that much.

    #4. Is Deadliest Catch Alum Casey McManus Still Captain Of The F/V Cornelia Marie?

    Are Josh And Casey On Deadliest Catch

    Source: TV Line

    According to Captain Casey McManus’ LinkedIn page, he is no longer at the helm of Captain Phil’s legendary ship. The page reveals that he was captain of the F/V Cornelia Marie from April 2013 to January 2023. Therefore, it seems he would not be crab fishing on the Bering Sea, at least in that vessel. In addition, in a post where he shared information on a new position, he was asked by the manager of a seafood company asked if he will still be running the F/V Cornelia Marie.

    Casey’s reply was, “There’s no crab to catch anymore, so I will be moving on from that adventure.” However, In February, he did post on Instagram he was back home after a long time, describing “the world’s longest crab season.” So, this is contradictory information.

    But, based on Casey’s social media, where he pretty much cleaned out any photo of Josh Harris, save two, we can only guess that he is trying to distance himself from this association with his former co-captain. 

    #5. What Is Deadliest Catch Alum Captain Casey Doing Now?

    Are Josh And Casey On Deadliest Catch

    Source: TV Guide

    Now that we know that Casey McManus is no longer Captain of the F/V Cornelia Marie, what is the former reality star doing? The 40-year-old has a new addition to  his resume. He is now Vice President of Paradigm Marine and Technical Services.

    He is captaining a tug boat and does response work. So, he spends his busy days working on engines, oil spills, salvage, and doing other jobs on boats. That is because Casey has 17 years of experience as a port engineer and a chief engineer. Also, the always affable Casey shares some of his experiences on his social media.

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