All About Race To Survive Alaska: Release Time, Cast And More

Lynne 2 month ago
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Keep reading for details about the show, including the premiere date, how the game works and the duos in the race.

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    Race to Survive Alaska is an upcoming USA reality TV series that puts eight teams to the test. The competitors will have to traverse a 100-mile course through the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness with minimal supplies in order to win the grand prize of $500,000. Keep reading for details about the show, including the premiere date, how the game works and the duos in the race.

    #1. How does Race to Survive Alaska work?

    Source: TV Guide

    In the USA show, contestants are put to the test to brave over 100 miles of hazardous Alaskan terrain to win a grand prize of $500,000. The journey is a mix of endurance racing, bushcraft, and survival skills, as they battle the wild and unknown, featuring mountains, glaciers, wildlife, and rainforests. This is a battle of man against nature, and although the goal is to win, the greatest challenge is to make it out alive.

    Over the course of six weeks and six races, the eight teams of two will traverse through the harshest Alaskan landscapes, having to source their own food and water while charting their own path on previously unexplored terrain. The duos must survive off the unwelcoming land as they battle every element while being relentlessly pursued by their competition. In each leg of the race, the last team to reach the finish line will be eliminated from the competition. Tested like never before, participants will endure physical pain while forging alliances and backstabbing their way to claim a spot in the finale and the chance to win the $500,000 if they can survive the hostile land ... and each other."

    #2. Who is in the Race to Survive Alaska cast?

    Source: USA Network

    The eight duos competing in Race to Survive Alaska are:

    • Bella Crane (25) & Cason Crane (29): Brother and sister duo from New York. 
    • Max Djenohan (33) & Christian Junkar (25): Inseparable friends and climbing partners from Seattle. Max previously appeared on Naked and Afraid.
    • Favia Dubyk (34) & Genevive Walker (33): Fierce competitors and rock-climbing experts and Albuquerque residents.
    • Brett Gatten (46) & Esther Sanderlin (40): Wasilkla, Alaska, couple with a shared interest in the outdoors
    • Oliver Hoogendorn (25) & Wilson Hoogendorn (23): Inupiaq brothers native to the Alaskan terrain.
    • Hakim Isler (45) & Justice Norman (38): Martial arts training partners from Fayetteville, North Carolina and Park City, Utah, respectively.
    • Elizabeth Killham (36) & Robin Moore (45): New friends with a shared passion for adventure, hailing from Del Mar, California and Miami Beach, Florida, respectively.
    • Hunter Leininger (21) & Jeff Leininger (53): Father-son duo with adventure racing in their blood from Canton, Georgia.

    #3. When does Race to Survive Alaska premiere?

    Source: Parade

    Race to Survive Alaska premieres with a supersize episode on Monday, April 3 at 11 p.m. ET/PT following WWE Monday Night RAW.

    #4. Who is the host of Race to Survive Alaska?

    Source: USA Network

    A host has not been announced for Race to Survive Alaska. It is unknown how the show will handle last-place teams being eliminated, as that is usually done in similar shows like The Amazing Race.

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