Adorable Photos That Show Cats Will Be Cats No Matter What Size They Are

Marlene 1 month ago
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Big cats are the kings of their terrain, but they’re also adorable and fluffy. These majestic, ruthless animals are still felines, and they act like oversized kitties sometimes.

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    Many people associate huge cats with fearsome predators. Big cats rule their domain, but they're also adorable and fluffy. These gorgeous, deadly animals are nonetheless felines, and they sometimes act like big kitties. When you watch leopards sitting in boxes, ocelots playing with toilet paper, and cheetahs getting their heads trapped, you'll want one as a pet. Take a look at how many parallels exist between feline predators and their little domesticated cousins!

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    #1. If It Doesn’t Fit, He Still Sits.

    big cats

    Source: Reddit

    What if a cat's preferred cardboard box isn't big enough? It makes no difference. If it doesn't fit, the huge cats will relax in the afternoon sun. Nothing can stop a cat from enjoying both boxes and naps at the same time. Tigers, like domestic cats, will spend 16 to 20 hours per day sleeping and resting in the shade. For huge predators, cuddling time is essential. Don't rouse the tiger from his cardboard bed!

    #2. “Where Are We Going?”

    adorable big cats

    Source: Imgur

    The king of the jungle requires a chariot. This lion’s chariot happens to be a green wheelbarrow that someone left in the enclosure. Those workers will never get that wheelbarrow back as long as the big kitty is in it.

    In the lion community, the females hunt in groups while the males stay behind and lounge. So this could very well be the lion’s throne, at least until the female comes back with food.

    #3. She Loves Her Ball!

    best cat for you

    Source: YouTube

    This ferocious-looking white tiger is named Zabu. She looks a lot more cuddly when she’s playing with her giant red ball, which she often does. Her enjoyment proves that no matter the size, a cat is just a cat. That giant ball is a stall ball, made for horses who have to be kept inside of their stall. It’s the only ball that can handle a tiger’s sharp fangs. Isn’t Zebu a gorgeous big cat?

    #4. He Knows How To Pose For The Camera.

    wild cats

    Source: Tumblr

    You know how domesticated cats often roll on their backs? This lion is doing the same thing. Rolling over means that the cat feels secure and desires attention, usually as a plea to say, “Hey, play with me!”

    #5. Does He Need Help?

    funny cats

    Source: YouTube

    A YouTuber posted this footage of a cheetah getting his head stuck in a cardboard box in 2013. "Just like a silly little kitten playing," added the caption. Zoo personnel should be aware that huge cats and cardboard crates have unexpected effects.

    When a cat rubs his face on something, he leaves his fragrance there, which is known as "bunting." This cheetah may be claiming ownership of the cardboard box. If he can't get it off, it'll be his fault.

    #6. When A Lion's Paws Feel Sore.

    funny big cats

    Source: Reddit

    Here’s an adorable photo of a zookeeper giving a lion a foot massage. The zookeeper’s name is Alex Larenty, and he trusts the 550 lb lion so much that he’ll also brush his mane and bathe him. The lion is likely Jamu, an eight-year-old male.

    #7. “I’m A Human Too”

    cat lovers

    Source: Reddit

    Some cats will go to great length to obtain food. Mohan, a white tiger, will stand like a human to obtain his fair amount of milk. He's as tall as that employee while he's standing! Your day just got better if you didn't know cats could stand.

    Cats stand in order to appear larger. Domesticated cats attempt to fend off predators by standing. Big cats, like Mohan, are likely to wish to feel equal to their human caregiver.

    #8. Tiger VS. Pumpkin.

    big cats lifestyle

    Source: Pinterest

    The internet is no stranger to large cats vs. pumpkins. They are carried by lions, chewed on by leopards, and pushed into by caracals. A lovely white tiger is having fun with a large pumpkin.

    Big cats, for some reason, enjoy destroying pumpkins. It keeps them entertained for hours and provides us a wonderful "awwww." It's no surprise that pumpkins and large cats appear on YouTube during October. What a wonderful way to commemorate the arrival of autumn.

    #9. Time For Presents!

    Source: YouTube

    The delightfully adorable fluffballs you see here are snow leopards. They live at the Toronto Zoo, where they were fortunate enough to be treated to the fun activity of opening Christmas presents!

    #10. Liiiiick!

    Source: Pinterest

    That is one huge thank you kiss! This tiger is going out of her way to express her gratitude to her keeper for the milk treat he's brought her. The huge cats, it appears, adore milk just as much as Mittens or Felix. We rarely receive a thank you from our cat, no matter what we do. We can only image how itchy that massive tongue must be!

    #11. Just Sitting Around.

    Source: Pinterest

    If you needed even more proof that big cats act just like house cats, then here you have it. On the left is a regular orange tabby, and on the right is a (much larger) tiger. Notice anything that the two have in common? They're both sitting up on their hind legs, just as casual as can be. This is a common way for cats to sit, either while they're at play or if they spot a predator.

    #12. The Look Of Love.

    Source: Pinterest

    You know that amazing feeling when your cat decides to stop ignoring you and instead, gets super cuddly and affectionate for a while? That must be how this caretaker feels, times about 30. That gorgeous spotted cat is gazing at her with what can only be described as a look of true love. He's probably purring away, too. We’d love to be able to cuddle with a big cat like this!

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