8 Real Funny Animal Names That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Marlene 2 month ago
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If you thought scientists were boring and had no sense of humor, these amusing animal names will prove you wrong.

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    Whenever a new species is discovered, the person who discovered it is given the honor of naming it. If a scientist's imagination is restricted, the species can be given a descriptive name, such as Little Hairy Armadillo for an armadillo that is small and hairy. 

    Beyonce has a fly species named after her. Perhaps a fish called Bassozetus Robustus, often known as Robust Assfish.  Are you still not convinced? Check out our list of amusing animal names below. 

    #1. Impressed Tortoise (Manouria Impressa).

    Manouria Impressa

    Source: Pinterest

    There aren't many facts regarding this Impressed Tortoise, which is due in part to its affinity for high altitudes of up to 6,600ft in Thailand's mountains. The elusive tortoise consumes largely mushrooms and cannot live in captivity.

    #2. Chocolate Chip Sea Star ( Nidorellia Armata).

    Nidorellia Armata

    Source: Snorkeling Report

    The chocolate chip marks on this critter are actually 'horns' employed for defence because it is a staple feed for numerous species of fish and certain cannibalistic starfish. Though these starfishes are blind and have no blood, only water, they can regrow any of their missing 'arms.'

    #3. Andean Cock Of The Rock (Rupicola Peruvianus).

    Rupicola Peruvianus

    Source: eBird

    The Cock of the Rocks, Peru's national bird, is distinguished by its bright orange plumage and fan-shaped crest. The term comes from the fact that these creatures frequently nest on the Andean mountain rocks. They're not only bright and colorful, but they also have a really amazing tune. Their rooster-on-steroids call can be heard here.

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    #4. Sparklemuffin Spider (Maratus Jactatus).

    Maratus Jactatus

    Source: IBTimes UK

    Maratus is the genus that contains the pencil eraser-sized Sparklemuffin. These poisonous, but harmless to humans, spiders have a fascinating mating ritual that includes varied dancing techniques, flashy butt fans, drumming on their mates' heads, and being devoured for bad dances by cannibalistic females.

    #5. Beyonce Fly (Scaptia Beyonceae).

    Scaptia Beyonceae

    Source: CBS News

    This unique horse fly can only be found in Queensland, Australia. Despite being seen as a pest, the Beyonce fly aids in the pollination of many plants. These flies are called "divas of the fly world" not because of their loud or stunning buzzing, but because of a distinctive golden patch of hair on their abdomen.

    #6. Pink Fairy Armadillo (Chlamyphorus Truncatus).

    Chlamyphorus Truncatus

    Source: Animal Spot

    These nocturnal, lonely animals spend the most of their time digging into the Argentine grasslands sands. These little organisms are highly dependent on their environment and die within a few days after being removed from their normal home, making it difficult for scientists to study them or recover if harmed. These small armadillos, whose bodies can grow to 115 mm without counting the tail, like stuffing their tummies with ants and only emerge from their trenches when they are flooded by strong rains. 

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    #7. Prickly Dreamer (Spiniphryne Gladisfenae).

    Spiniphryne Gladisfenae

    Source: FishBase

    These pricklers are mostly found in the North Atlantic Ocean around 2 km below the surface. Not much is known about these fishes, but tiny spikes and an amazing teeth count makes them unique compared to other fishes from this family. 

    #8. Ice Cream Cone Worm (Pectinaria Gouldii).

    Pectinaria Gouldii

    Source: Twitter

    The Ice Cream Cone Worm is depicted here without its typical shell. The worms fashion their shells out of sand, seashells, and whatever else they can find. They not only protect themselves with sand armor, but they also dwell almost entirely immersed under the sea floor, with only their mouth and claws poking out to grab prey. 

    What do you think about these facts? Do you know any other rare facts about animals? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and don't forget to hit the subscribe button to get more of the latest and exciting entertainment from us!



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